50 Drone Logos For Skyrocketing Brands

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are creating a significant effect on the market. Brands now use it to improve operations on matters like construction, real estate, tech, hobbies, photography, and more.

This year, the drone industry is expected to hit $100 billion. This implies higher demand and most notably, more competition. In order to take flight in any industry you plan on going for, you must prepare your company’s branding kit with a distinct drone logo. 

You will see drone logo ideas that adapt perfectly to different niches in the industry. The designs we are talking about can be categorized into three sections:

Make your design ideas fly high with more inspiration from this roundup. Take a look at them down below. 

Drone Silhouette

Shadows or silhouettes are monotone illustrations of subjects like people, objects, and the like. It was popularized in the 18th century and continues to be used widely today. 

Adding this to your logo can be advantageous. This is because shadows let you portray complex images like people, clothes, or in this case, drones in a simple but understandable way. You don’t need to be a drone engineer to know that this camera device is a complex object. It has various motors, propellers, and gears that require a lot of detail when illustrated. 

Torch Drone Logo by SimplePixel

 AllPro Drone Services by Kristijan Trajchev

Drone Letter H by SimplePixelSL

Red Drone by xitm4n

Yellow Drone by SimplePixelSL

Drone kennel by trufya

Additionally, UAVs have an interesting pattern that works well with shadow drawings. To make things more interesting, you can incorporate different styles like minimalism. This minimalist illustration from trufya gave the Drone kennel logo a clean and modern look. 

Drone Photography by SimplePixelSL

Shadow Hawk Drones by PhilosophyLogo

SkyCam Production by arcoalex

Colorful Ring Drone by wasih

Construction Drone by SimplePixelSL

Drone Surveillance by Inovaliu

Monster Drone by wasih

Creative Drone Works by M H Creative

North East UAV by dezignatedezigns2000

There definitely is room for color in these designs. You can go for common colors like black, blue, and orange for your design. However, to ensure quality, set your design to monochrome and see if the design still looks good even when it loses color. This is how you can check if your design is truly adaptive.


Typography is one of the most popular logo design themes out there. You’ve seen big names like Ryze Tello, Parrot Anafi, and other drone companies carry a text logo.

The internet is full of different fonts you can use on your drone photography logo design. You can choose between serif and sans serif fonts to strengthen your visual identity. Sans serif fonts are used by laidback brands while serious companies tend to gravitate toward serif fonts. 

Blue Locator Drone by SimplePixelSL

Red Propeller by eightyLOGOS

Drone Logo by Rasel Ahmed

Logo – Drone by Asaduzzaman Moin

Shoot My Business by karthika vs

Sky View Drone Inspections by jizzy123

Sky View Drone Inspections by Spark Bird Tree

Drone Letter E by SimplePixelSL

Drone Maps by FishDesigns61025

Drone Shutter by LogoBrainstorm

Orange D Eagle by eightyLOGOS

Orange Drone by eightyLOGOS

But you don’t have to choose between either of the two. You can play around with different fonts to create your own wordmark or lettermark design. Experimenting with different styles lets you create unique combinations that will match your brand identity. 

Professional designers recommend using light and heavy fonts to produce high-impact typography. Visual contrast in your design elements will help draw the eyes of your audience to your brand mark.

Drone Dimensions by Graphiboy

Circuit Drone by SimplePixelSL

Grey Drone by logobeginner

Drone Hire Australia by Rakesh Mohan

Drone Logo by Bojan Gulevski

Droidworx | Logofolio Vol. 1 by  Danilo Cvetkovic

Drone 157 365 by Ak desain

Drone Toy Helicopter Website Logo by Divjot Singh

Creative logos

To make a UAV logo, you must make use of design elements that directly inform the audience of what you are offering. However, it is also helpful to add your own artistic spin. This will help you make a unique visual identity that clients and customers will surely remember. 

SkyViz Media by Natan

Army of Drone by Tom_Watson

Drone by Kevin Burr


Drone logo design by Bishal sen

Drone Pictures Mark by younique

Hawking_logo by Pop Daniel M

Hydra Drones Logo (Unsold) by Jabir j3

You should end up with a simple and versatile design that is recognizable. For example, if your drone specialty is in real estate, it would be advantageous to add related elements to your symbol. You can create more witty concepts that are particular to your line of expertise to make it more informative.

Blue Spy Camera by LogoBrainstorm

Butterfly Drone by MDS

eagle eye by Daf Designs Logos

Falcon Drones by DesignConnection

Green Propeller Drone y Azus

Wildlife Drones Logo by Adam Islami

Adam Islami’s work combines a paw print with the form of drone devices to create an interesting symbol. It works well to portray a brand’s specialty in nature drone photography. Pawprints are commonly seen in the wild while drones have a very distinct silhouette that you can use to improve your brand mark. Together, these elements can change the mood of your design while retaining the adaptive quality of a logo.

To help you select a color scheme, you can check out color psychology that will help you understand how people perceive colors and brands. Selecting particular colors lets your logo embody traits like reliability, professionalism, and more.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Don’t make your audience guess. As a drone company, you have a lot of brand logo design options that you can use to solidify your identity. 

Remember to pick a logo that will help you forge meaningful connections with your audience. A logo must make it easy for your clients and customers to remember who you are, regardless of what type of brand you have.

BrandCrowd’s drone logo maker is going through the roof with designs for your brand. You can try out more creative and effective concepts to include in your branding kit. Give the logo maker a try right now.

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