90 Green Logos

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Have you ever wondered why some of the famous brand logos were designed in color green? 

Associated with growth, the environment, and wealth, green logos easily captures the eyes, minds, and hearts of customers. Using the color green when creating a logo allows you to grip the power of nature to demonstrate your brand’s sustainability or make a favorable impact.

Many brands are using this color to add a touch of luck and security to their design. Please stick with us as we explore the green logos from well-known companies and more!

Is Green Logo Right For Your Brand?

We see the color green everywhere – from grassy lawns to flourishing trees to beautiful green animals. With the color’s relaxing vibe, many popular brands use or incorporate this color into their business logo.

Green is quite different from the other colors we wrote about in our blog: Red and orange are warm colors, while green and purple are cool colors. 

According to color psychology, if you want your brand to represent harmony, wealth, health, nature, and growth and show them that you care about their physical well-being and their environment, then a green logo is suitable for you. 

Green Logos To Take Your Business To New Heights

Green is one of the most popular colors in the world, and looking at it is just so relaxing. Are you looking to create a color palette that reflects your brand? You might want to try the Pantone color of 2017: Greenery. 

Some colors are tied to specific industries, like blue, representing banks, software, programming, home improvement, or famous airline industries. Green is often associated with restaurants, beverages, and real estate

We’ve collected some green logos from famous brands and more to give you an idea of how your logo can become. We divided it into four major categories below.

Famous Green Logos

When it comes to how a brand communicates to its audience, color plays an important role. As a dominant color in nature, green is pleasant to the eyes, which is why many famous brands use green in their logos. 

You may have encountered these brands at least once or know their logos by heart. These companies prove how versatile the color green can be and how it fits almost anywhere. 

Show off your brand’s vibrant vibe with a verdant green logo from the customizable templates below:

Green Peace



Land Rover







Green Shape Logos

Have you noticed that some logos follow a particular shape? Different logo shape designs help establish an emotional connection between your business and your clients. 

Understanding the psychology of shapes and how you can effectively incorporate the form into your logo design is essential. 

A green circular logo shows stability and balance and gives a welcoming vibe. Meanwhile, a green square logo represents your brand as sturdy and has strong foundations. Remember that each shape logo represents different meanings, so choose the one that suits your brand most.

Create a strong bond with your customers by creating a green shape logo. Check out the templates below:

Bio marks exploration! by Nour Oumousse

Bold, Creative Logo Design by saifysyed Studio

Bold, Green It Company Logo Design by ZoneCreative

Elegant, Green Logo Design by Ana Gocheva

Elegant, Green Sports, Tennis Logo Design by ecorokerz

Gradient Pine Tree by town

Green Eco Friendly by town

Green Geometric Letter by royallogo

Green Globe by Logorama

Green Golf Circle by Alexxx

Green Hexagon Home by royallogo

Green House by José

Green Landscape Park by SimplePixelSL

Green Logo Design by JohnM.

Green Tennis Ball by FishDesigns61025

Green Tennis Ball Emblem by ions

Green Tulip Box by MDS

Lime by Filip Hudcovic

Masculine, Simple Supplement Logo Design by BUNG

Modern, Green Waste Management Logo Design by yudaharv

Mosaic Green Tree by marcololstudio

PlayMe logo design by Lelevien

Professional, Green Industrial Logo Design by ArtSamurai

Professional, Green Logo Design by ThiagoB

Round Green Environmental Leaf by royallogo

Square Landscaping Logo Design – Cube by Dalius Stuoka

Sunny Limes by SDCO Partners

Green Typography Logos

Typography logos are gaining popularity nowadays! However, it would be best if you chose the right typography for your logo to give your overall brand a boost.

Regardless of what you choose from the five main font types, your font can be the key to effective brand recognition when paired with the color green. 

If you want consumers to perceive your brand as modern, easy, and straightforward, Sans Serif font would be an ideal choice! 

Pair your stunning typography with the color green, and you’ll have a creative logo to draw people in. Design the best green typography logo from the templates below:

Bare August Brand Identity by Alexandra Necula

Combine Logo Design by Rubia@

Colorful, Green Home And Garden Logo Design by mithunpopey

Elegant, Green Logo Design by deadPixel

Elegant, Green Logo Design by Ridho Pratama

Glowing Green Gaming Text by brandcrowd

Green A Branch by podvoodoo13

Green Ampersand Lettering by Kalenor

Green Fintech Letter G by AlvinA

Green Game Text by brandcrowd

Green Urban Lines by brandcrowd

Letter A by Logo Designer

Lime – Visual Identity by Alex Gorbanescu

Lion’s clover by Djordje Djordjevic

Logotype by Frans Bergström

Modern, Green It Company Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Modern, Green Lawn Care Logo Design by MoonFeather

Modern, Store Retail Logo Design by PsyPen

Nature Hype Network Logotype by Audrey Elise

Number 17 Logo Warm Up by Mihai Dolganiuc

Playful, Lime Home And Garden Logo Design by Greedin

Professional, Dental Logo Design by *mary

Scary Slime Text by chole

Simple Logo Design by MAWBM

The Lemon Tree Logo Concept by Cohutt Graphics

Green Mascot Logos

If you’re looking for a brand ambassador that would not cost you much but impacts your audience effectively, a mascot logo is the best way to go! 

Whether you prefer an animal mascot or other types to represent your brand, know that mascot logos are versatile and have a distinct design that people recognize easily.

Establish a connection with your customers through your creative mascot logo idea! Browse through the customizable templates below:

Agres – Logo Design by Milan Markovic

Avocado Green Smoothie Mascot by town

Crocodile by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Cute Llama Mascot by AEmman

Dragon by Xndrew

Dragon Esports Gaming Mascot by town

Elegant, Green Logo Design by geni

Elegant, Teal Logo Design by design

Girl With Leaf Logo by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Green by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Green Dinosaur Mascot by JimjemR

Green Frog Mascot by juana

Green Hornet by Khisnen Pauvaday

Green Logo Design by Ena

Green Logo Design by Neil

Green Monster Mascot by JimjemR

Iguana Mascot logo for 100 logo challenge by DewApples

Mallard Duck Mascot by town

Panda Sports Mascot by SimplePixelSL

Parrot by Max Dolynny

Personable, Green Entertainment Logo Design by Taya Bright

Playful, Cute Finance Logo Design by Lee Xian

Playful, Scary Logo Design by Rockzzila

Porco Loko by Breno Bitencourt

Small Logo Design by Alvia…

Sneaking Tiger Mascot by Lei

Upmarket, Lemon Boutique Logo Design by Frontino graphic studio

Watermelon Fruit Mascot by marcololstudio

Design Your Green Logo Today!

Green is a trendy color used by many businesses across various industries. If you want to give your audience a calming vibe or establish your brand as down-to-earth, green should be your brand’s color. 

A suitable green logo can take your brand to the next level and boost your business recognition. Feel free to browse our website and check out thousands of customizable logo templates! 

Need other designs? We also have different templates for business cards, thank you cards, posters, and more curated just for you!

Enjoyed reading this blog? Comment below on which color we should discuss next. See you on our next blog!

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