7 Things You Need to Know About BrandCrowd Logo Maker

7 Things You Need to Know About BrandCrowd Logo Maker

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The first step to building a great brand is to have a unique logo design that represents your business. With the right logo, you could quickly grab the attention of your target market and make a perfect impression. 

Some businesses invest in expert designers to create custom logos. Those who are on the budget choose to do it themselves. Others opt to use logo generators.


Should You Hire Designers

Investing in designers to create your logo can be costly. It can take a lot of time, too! If you’re pressed for time and have a limited budget, this may not be the best way to go. Furthermore, if you expect to change your branding in the future, investing in a costly logo isn’t the best idea.   


Why Use a Logo Generator

A logo generator helps you create a design from pre-existing templates. Isn’t it convenient? Because it’s the most popular way to create your design, you’ll find many companies offering this type of service. 


When using an online logo creator, make sure to check the company’s design collection. You wouldn’t want to have a generic-looking logo that has been used hundreds of times, would you? Furthermore, you wouldn’t want to have a logo that is similar to another company, as it could result in brand identity problems.


How then do you create a logo that gives a significant impact to your business without spending a fortune? That’s what BrandCrowd is here for. 


Who is BrandCrowd?

BrandCrowd is an online logo creator that offers top-notch designs. We provide a creative marketplace for premium logos you can customise according to your needs. Also, we help different types of businesses build and improve their brand identity. From entrepreneurs and start-ups to SMBs and corporations, BrandCrowd ensures there’s a design for you. 


What Makes BrandCrowd Logo Maker the World’s #1? 

Unlike other logo generators, BrandCrowd offers unique designs created by experts. Furthermore, our interface lets you customise designs the way you want it, ensuring your logo doesn’t look exactly like someone else’s.


Here are seven things that make BrandCrowd stand out.


  1. Offers Industry-Specific Styles 

BrandCrowd doesn’t merely generate a list of random design suggestions with icons that are not related to your industry. We make sure that every idea is tailored to your type of business. 


Are you in the fashion scene and would like to make your mark? Choose a logo that truly stands for your brand. Whether you need a modern look or a vintage theme, you’ll find a logo that works best for your business.


  1. Designs are Crowdsourced from Top Designers 

Unlike other online logo designers, BrandCrowd prides itself on having a pool of designers across the globe. 


Imagine having all these creative minds working together to help you make your own logo!


We have over 25,000 handcrafted designs in our library at your fingertips. To start your search for the perfect design, you can look at logos in specific categories or enter a keyword to receive a list of related logos.


  1. Logos are Available in Various Sizes and Formats 

With BrandCrowd, you can get your logos in different sizes and formats. You can be sure that it will look fantastic no matter where you use it. 


BrandCrowd provides high-resolution images, including PNG and JPG files. Vector files such as SVG, EPS and, PDF are also available. Furthermore, you’ll receive logo variations, and files with a transparent background. You also won’t have to worry about watermarks. Unlike some free logo makers, we don’t put watermarks on your design when you buy it. 


  1. Offers Full Copyright Ownership 

Some logo creators only offer a standard license for your design. 


BrandCrowd takes it a step further by offering three types of licenses. With our standard license, you receive non-exclusive rights to use the design for commercial and non-commercial purposes. 


If you want to get full intellectual property rights, you can buy an exclusive license or a Buy-Out License. These options automatically remove your design from our library, so you’re the last person to buy it.


  1. Accepts Requests for Revisions and Changes 

BrandCrowd understands that your needs or preferences may change. Don’t worry. You can request design revisions. You can also work with one of our in-house designers for complex changes you want to do.  


  1. Offers Support from Expert Designers

At BrandCrowd, we’re always ready to help you make the perfect logo. Feeling stuck? Get in touch with us for help. You can reach out to us through our email, support@brandcrowd.com, or via our contact form. 


  1. Easy and Free to Use 

We understand that every minute counts, which is why we made our website easy to use. To start, type your business name and hit the “Create Logos” button. Choose a base design from our suggested logos, customise it, and download! You can create many logo variations in minutes! 


Are you ready to make your own design? Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create your own logo with the best logo maker. For more information on how to make a logo with our free logo maker, you may fill out our contact form.


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