40 Pet Logos for Love your Pet Day

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Today, we show a little extra love for our pets. As a business, promote this occasion with cutiful 40 logos to show your love on pet day!

Pets have been around since the dawn of time. A great example would be the wolves that accompanied our ancestors 14,000 years ago. Today, we have domesticated dogs that play and guard us.

Or maybe you have a feline friend. Worshipped as gods in Egypt, but in your home, cats are your resident floorball that wakes up at three a.m. to run around the house or apartment.

Remember, though, pets are not limited to canines or felines. A pet could be a bird, a reptile, or a creature you consider part of your life and gives you joy.

On this particular day, let’s show them more love and affection. Take the day off if you want to, or play with them. Even making their favorite meal and eating with them is enough to show you love them.

Spread the love of pets through your business. Allow us to show you logos you can try out for yourself to celebrate this joyous day. You can even use this logo as your permanent one. You could also turn it into a dynamic logo.

Cutiful Logos to Say You Love Pets

Now let’s get into the design aspect of this particular day to aid you in your branding endeavor. Pets are adorable and, when given the spotlight, can turn your business into a household name.

Whether you have an animal-themed cafe or work for an animal shelter, you’ll surely benefit from these beautiful and unique designs. Our logo tips are divided into three sections so you could see them faster and better:

  • Negative Space to Fill the Void
  • Pictorial to Show Your Love
  • Wordmark to Express Your Love

Negative Space to Fill the Void

An outline of an animal as your logo is a great attention-grabber. It’s unique and paired with bold colors; you have a design that’ll last you a lifetime.

Check out our picks below:

Black Cat Pet by SimplePixelSL

Blue Ocean Fish by novita007

Brown Twin Dog by spayro

Cat by Dalibor Pajic

Cat Pet Animal by shen02

Conifer by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Cute Bunny Pet Shop by MDS

Digital Bird by Kristijan Trajchev

Dog Vet Animal Hospital by spayro

Green Pet Care Logo Design by tejo

Hamster And Seed Logo by Lucian Radu

logo done for happygree by Lelevien

Orange Cat Dog Pet by ArtFreedom

Orange Cat Star by JimjemR

Pet Blue Cockatoo by ions

Teleportable Hamster by Sophia Chan

VetEcoMed logo design by Alex Seciu

Woofcrew by Konstantin Reshetnikov

Yawning Cat Logo by Lucian Radu

Pictorial to Show Your Love

The brain processes image 60,000 times faster than words. Make a lasting impression with this type of logo for your business.

Get inspired with the logos below:

Colourful Pet Care Logo Design by step forward 2

Comfy Critters by Rosalia….

Geometric Cat Logo by Lucian Radu

Geometric Pet Bunny by AleksandrO

Green Pet Bird by novita007

Pet Forest Bird by novita007

Pet Jakarta by Yosia Sebastian

Pet Logo Design by vyasa

Pet Store logo by Couple In The Shuttle

Pet Store Triangle by eyed

Petsy by Ashfuq Hridoy

tocofly by Deividas Bielskis

Unique Pet Logo Design by Irina Makedonska

Wordmark to Express Your Love

Despite the brain not processing words faster, you can still grab the attention of your market with this type of logo. They’ll know the name of your business quicker and associate you with the quality of your products and services.

Take your pick below:

Dog + w by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

El Rincón De Los Gatos by JTdsign

Fur Pet Luv by Marcos!

Pet Shop Logo Design by Moodboard 360

Pet-Wifi by Mihaela

Petwork by Logo no 1

Pettomask logo V2 by Nour Oumousse

Poop Bags by Edu Morente

Celebrate with a New Look!

Spill your love of pets into your business. Get a new design today! You’ll make a splash and gain the hearts of fur parents worldwide.

Allow us to help you with your design. Here at BrandCrowd, we provide you with 75,000+ logo templates to inspire you. You can save your logo with a high resolution for an affordable price.

We also offer free logo templates you can instantly download.

Happy Love Your Pet Day! Spend today with love and adorableness.

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