How to Generate Logos in Seconds

Infographic – How to Generate Logos in Seconds

 Infographic - How to Generate Logos in Seconds


Your logo is the foundation of your business’s identity. It separates you from other brands and helps you make a great first impression. Every aspect of your logo tells something about your business — from colors and fonts to symbols. 


At BrandCrowd, we want you to have a strong logo for your brand. Here are some essential considerations in logo design to help you generate logos in seconds. 


Subheading 1:  How Many Colors Should You Use


When deciding on color combinations for your logo, opt for a single color or a combination of just two colors. According to research, 85% of top brands use one to two colors in their logos. 


Subheading 2: What are the Most Popular Colors Used for Logos  

Did you know that you could improve brand recognition by 80% through colors? Furthermore, 93% of buyers make purchase decisions based on brand colors. 


This is why choosing colors should be done at the start of your logo design process. Make sure to choose shades that truly represent your brand. 


The most popular colors used are blue, red, and black.  Next are white, green, grey, and yellow.

Subheading 3: Should You Have a Graphic Element in Your Logo?


A trend among many businesses when it comes to logo design is to go for a simple yet versatile logo. The simplest logo style only has the company name in it. When you go for this option, you’ll have to choose the best font that suits your brand. Popular companies that use this style are Oracle, Coca-Cola, Gucci, and Siemens.


Another option is to only have a graphic element or a symbol that would represent your brand. Starbucks has effectively used this style for its logo. 


The most popular — and most effective— logo style is to have both a graphic element and a text element. Examples of top brands that use this style are Nike, Cisco, and Verizon.


Subheading 4: How to Get Started with Generating Your Own Logo

How to Get Started with Generating Your Own Logo

At BrandCrowd, we make it really easy to create your own logo. Here’s how to get started


With BrandCrowd, you can make your logo in just a few seconds! But if you need more help or requires more customization, don’t worry. We can handle that for you, too! Fill out our contact form or send an email to for your questions and inquiries.


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