100 Circle Logos for Well Rounded Brands

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As children, one of the first things taught in school is how to draw shapes like circles. Who would have thought that the simple round shape would become one of the most well-known logo designs worldwide?

A circle logo design conveys a sense of harmony, calmness, and trust. Pause for a moment and think of the companies with circle logo designs you know of – can you name all of them?

If yes, you deserve a round of applause; if not, that’s pretty reasonable because of the many types of circle logos that brands have used successfully! Join us as we check out the logo designs from prominent brands and more.

When to Use Circle Logos?

One of the most common shapes used in logo design is the circle. It’s because you can find this simple yet eye-catching shape everywhere.

From nature to art to everyday items, even in astronomy, like planets, the sun, and the moon, the circle is a popular design choice. It even symbolizes eternity as it has no beginning or end.

So when is the best time to use this shape for your business? If you want your brand to be welcoming, display positivity, and reflect a message of unity, the circle logo might be the best choice.

The circle as a shape logo design is also associated with protection, security, and continuity. It also expresses stability which is a great way to brand your business.

Circle Logos to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

Have you tried browsing through the famous logo design of well-known brands? If yes, you have probably noticed that most of their logos follow a particular shape. It’s because logo shapes not just improve the aesthetic appeal of your brand but also help set the tone for your business.

To give you an idea, we’ve collected types of circle logos from 25 prominent brands. Let’s look at them individually and see how many you can name!

Famous Circle Logos

You may have encountered one of these brands at least once in your life. Think you can identify them?

Take a look at these logos. You’ll notice that they consist of different types and colors, which according to color psychology, reflect a specific meaning, set the emotions of the brand, and are often connected to their brand history.

Check out the creative logos of the famous brands below.


Beats by Dr. Dre










The Olympic Rings


Blue Circle Logos

Tons of renowned companies capture thousands of customers through their relaxing blue logos. This color and shape are used by various companies, often in the software, finance, government agencies, banks, or pharmaceutical industries. 

A blue logo represents a professional and logical brand, creating a sense of security and trust in your company. Pair it with the circle shape, which reeks of unity, consistency, commitment, and positive emotional messages, and you’ll surely come up with an iconic logo.

Find your perfect circle logo below.

Application Logo Design by Lack Crawl DC

Blue Bird Circle by town

Blue Building Circle by SimplePixelSL

Blue Elephant God by town

Blue Fish Circle by novita007

Blue Logo Design by creativiti

Blue Loop Music by town

Blue Pirate Circle by AlinDesign

Blue Purple Fish by arishu

Blue Star Lettermark by royallogo

Blue Tech Business Circle Company by DanikBrt

Blue Wedding Ring by EyesDeath

Captureit Logo by Ellena

Elegant, Blue It Company Logo Design by at-as

Elegant, Blue Livestock Logo Design by wonderland

Elegant, Nutrition Logo Design by D_Mantra

IT company by Anastasia Kurilenko

Masculine, Blue Oil And Gas Logo Design by ecorokerz

Modern, Blue Logo Design by Anabia 2

Modern, Blue Travel Agent Logo Design by shakuna

Modern, Simple Management Consulting Logo Design by Joenet Jayawarna

N / Circle by Kakha Kakhadzen

Opteo / logo design by Deividas Bielskis

Pencil Art Logo Icon by Lunarts

SONGBIRDmusic Logo by visual curve

Playful, Different Craft Brewery Logo Design by Logo no 1

Playful, Sweet Ice cream shops Logo Design by Pictorial

Serious, Blue Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Logo Design by Flint Stone

Red Circle Logos

When you think of red logo designs, do you immediately think of red lights, warning signs, and other red signs on the road? That’s reasonable because red has always represented warning signs or implications for caution.

However, red also represents power, passion, energy, and courage. Red logos instantly grab customer attention, so if you want to attract your customers to your brand, don’t hesitate to use the color red.

Design the best red circle logo with the templates below.

BABC Logo by Elmir Latifov

Bold, Circle Club Logo Design by edwinnegz1

Bold, Red Events Logo Design by mvillamin

Circle Flag Logo Design by CreativeTrick

Conservative, Food Restaurant Logo Design by madeli

Cool Clothing Logo Design by antoneofull

Drink Logo Design by nzdesigners

Fox Logo by Caio Rossatto de Araújo

JustConsult | Logo design by Vladimir Plesco

K / kaspersky / Circle K by Kakha Kakhadzen

Lion Logo Design by CashDESIGN

Minimalistic Red Flower by Alexxx

Modern, Circle Painting And Decorating Logo Design by GLDesigns

Red Bridge Infrastructure by ions

Red Building Stairs by town

Red Bull Horns by Mypen

Red Business Logo Design by JACQUI

Red Chicken Hen Rooster by novita007

Red Circle Bold R by town

Red Circle Thunder by wasih

Red Falcon Circle by MDS

Red Hanger City by SimplePixelSL

Red Logo Design by uder

Red Photography Camera Lens by novita007

Red Product Logo Design by CDG

Red Round Bridge by podvoodoo13

Red Sun Mountain by eightyLOGOS

Red Velvet Forest by Zikry Maoelana

Serious, Circle Fitness Logo Design by sangeloenriquez

Simple Logo Design by ARTZENIUM

U.S. Made by Allan Peters

Upmarket, Pizza Logo Design by wonderland

Black Circle Logos

When considering brand colors, some companies prefer light colors or those that reflect positive energy. Though, some companies choose to represent themselves with black logos.

Black suggests power and authority and also has that modern and polished style. A black logo design creates a powerful and impressive effect, making your brand look more stylish. Whether you prefer a wordmark or abstract logo design, brands that use black and circle logos are often secure and deep-rooted.

Stand on your own and without much detail and attention through the black circle logos below.

Black & White Tornado Illusion by design271

Black Checkered Basketball by CreativePixels

Black Circle VR by podvoodoo13

Black Crow Circle by Tuts

Black Eye Surveillance by Alexxx

Black Logo Design by GBDESIGN

Black Logo Design by StudioD™

Black Metal Cat by FireFoxDesign

Black Ninja Bookmark by SimplePixelSL

Black Premium Realtor by royallogo

Black Skull Emblem by Dessy

Black Table Furniture by marcololstudio

Bold, Automotive Automotive Logo Design by Kohan Cito

Bold, Black Automotive Logo Design by Oct-O-Ray Design

Bold, Black Marketing Logo Design by JL 2

Botanic Gardens Stamp by Dan Lehman

Circle striped frame design by Sergii Syzonenko

Conservative, Burger Logo Design by luiz otavio I DESIGN

Different Logo Design by Logo no 1

Logo for Infinio by Nikola Matošević

Round Black Skunk by ions

Simple Logo Design by vanroz

Sinclair Trails by Gert van Duinen

Sushi Roll Restaurant by andpalmieri

Two fish logo for a seafood restaurant by Sergii Syzonenko

Two shrimps round logo, seafood icon by Sergii Syzonenko

Upmarket, Great Brewery Logo Design by graphic.art13

Create Your Circle Logo Today

The absence of edges or points makes the circle a popular logo design. It’s round, and soft, and is a universal symbol of unity, inclusiveness, and wholeness.

If you liked this blog, comment below on which shape we should feature next. Create the design of your dreams with our logo maker and bring your well-rounded ideas to life!

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