89 Triangle Logos for Edgy Ideas

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In a world full of two-dimensional logos, triangle logos tend to stand out in the crowd. While circle logos scream unity and square logo designs represent power, triangle logos emits a kind of ingenuity that makes an attractive logo. 

Join us as we look at the types of triangle logo designs from well-known brands.

When to Use Triangle Logos?

Triangle logos are flexible in shape – by changing their orientation, you get an entirely different look and meaning. One of the best things about this shape is that you can use it as a substitute for two letters of the alphabet: “A” and “V.”

Now pair that knowledge with a specific color scheme like gradients or pastels, eye-catching typography, and finalize the direction of your triangle, voila!

You have a robust logo design that says a specific brand message. Now, why did we focus on a triangle’s direction?

If a triangle is facing up, it depicts power and security, much like the hierarchy of needs from James Maslow. It points to the direction of the sky, which could mean you’re reaching for greater heights or success.

A triangle with the tip pointing up could also mean mountains and a general masculine shape. But when a triangle points down, it could become a feminine shape. Basically, triangles are versatile shapes that can make or break your logo design.

Triangle Logos to Help Your Brand Get Right to the Point

We’ve collated popular and customizable logo designs with triangles to help you on your journey to creating your business logo. Check out the four major categories below:

Famous Triangle Logos

When logo design, triangles convey a wide range of meanings and emotions. You may know these brands below and even use them for everyday needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous logos below:







Google Drive

Google Play Store Icon







Red Triangle Logos

Triangles and red are often associated with road signs and warning signs. According to color psychology, red portrays passion, power, energy, and courage.

If you want to instantly grab your customer’s attention, don’t think twice about using a red triangle design! Find the best red triangle logo design to represent your brand below:

Bold, Company Industry Logo Design by 3dwOrX

Bold, Silver Automotive Logo Design by ecorokerz

Coffee logo design. by Emir Kudic

Digital Gaming Star by royallogo

Elegant, Triangle Logo Design by GLDesigns

Elegant, Triangle Logo Design by renderman

Geometric Industrial Triangle by GianC

Lokomotiv by Yury Orlov

Oriental Triangle Artistic Paint by BryC

Pink Flower & Triangle by ions

Pink Geometric Triangle by ions

Publishing mark by Bojan Oreskovic

Red Paint Roller Triangle by yhinna

Red Triangle Kite by royallogo

Red Video App by wasih

Serious, Bird Business Logo Design by jaime.sp

Triangular Bird 📌 Logo for Sale by graph_uvarov

Triangle Cigarette Vape Smoke by town

Triangle geometric shape logo option #2 by Sergii Syzonenko

Triangle Letter E by CreativePixels

Triangle Stripes Pattern by Tristan

Upmarket, Pizza Logo Design by michellefrances

Upmarket, Pizza Logo Design by Logo no 1

US Flag Triangle by bertthebuildr

Blue Triangle Logos

Did you know that a blue hue helps your mind relax and feel at ease? This serene, soothing color creates a sense of security, trust, loyalty, and responsibility. 

Pair the color blue and a triangle, and you have blue logos that exudes security and trust. Build your brand awareness by using a blue triangle logo design through the templates below:

3d Triangle Company by Maccoy

A by Kakha Kakhadzen

Active Sports Triangle Letter by juana

Blue Diamond Triangle by JimjemR

Blue Logo Design by studio-sfp.com

Blue Triangle Circuit by Mypen

Blue Triangle Technology by kukuhart

Bold, Company Education Logo Design by Artgo

Bold, Simple Logo Design by FAIBRA

Business Triangle Stripes by royallogo

Circuit Triangle Tech by JohnDC

Cute Triangle Rocket by novita007

Daytona Logo Design by Elif Kameşoğlu

Generic Business Triangle by ArtFreedom

Geometric Logo Design by fikryalrasyid

Hexagon + Triangle Logo by Yoga Perdana

Home Logo Design by ecorokerz

Masculine, Triangle Information Technology by proway, a Macanese

Play Route Icon by Lelevien

Professional, Triangle Manufacturing by Finley Johnson

Serious, Black Business Logo Design by madeli

Serious, Business Management Consulting Logo Design by fatiyadesign

Tech Triangle Gaming by LogoBrainstorm

Triangula Logo by Ortega Graphics

Triangle Bar Sign by AleksandrO

Triangle Logo Design by Ashani Bhattacharya

Triangle Software Developer by royallogo

Black Triangle Logos

Show your brand’s power and prestige through a black triangle logo design. Although most companies choose colors that show positive energy, some prefer to represent their brand with black logos.

A black logo design shows power while giving your brand that classy and elegant look. Pair the modern color with a triangle design. You’ll have a brand that exudes authority, security, and sophistication. 

Get inspired by the black triangle logo designs below.

Arrow Sun Triangle Banner by AleksandrO

Black Triangle Candle by marcololstudio

Black Triangle Tie by podvoodoo13

Bold, Business Logo Design by sangeloenriquez

Bold, Company Education Logo Design by Jose_luiz1978

Bold, White Fishing Logo Design by ~idiaz~

Company Graphic Design Logo Design by madeli

Elegant, Black Logo Design by G Visions

Elegant, Black Logo Design by Kemi

Geometric Corporate Triangle by novita007

Grey Geometric Triangle Gaming by Alexxx

Hidden Movie Logo Design by Catalogo

Leaf Spa Triangle by marcololstudio

Leaf Triangle by novita007

Modern, Triangle Fitness Logo Design by A.STUDIO

Modern, Triangle nautisme Logo Design by Catalogo

Play With Shapes by B®andits

Ragaire Logo by Ortega Graphics

Scented Candle Triangle by spayro

Serious, Gray Finance Logo Design by DerpJuls

Serious, Karate Logo Design by 1975oliverocampo

Spectrum by Catur Argi

symbol / moon by Stevan Rodic

The Triangle Logo Design by Faikar | Logo Designer

Triangle Contractor Business by royallogo

Triangle Leaves by spayro

Triangle Mustache Face by JimjemR

Vintage Diamond Banner Badge by marcololstudio

Create Your Triangle Logo Today

A triangle’s symmetry is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. Use it to your advantage today. If you enjoyed reading this blog, comment below on which shape we should discuss next.

Congratulations! You are now able to create an iconic design with a triangle logo. But if you want to try something different, we have various logo templates, business card designs, twitch banners, Instagram story templates, and more!

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