111 Black Logos for Powerful Impressions

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Do you want to make an impression on your market? Use a black logo. It’s sleek, professional, and powerful. It makes your brand look luxurious. Take a look at fashion brands like Channel, Gucci, Prada, etc., which all have black as the color of their logos.

But other than those, it also helps create attractive logos that use negative space as their primary charm. If you think about it, black logos give you that stylish edge over the competition since it combines stimulating imagery with power—when done right.

Allow us to help you make a strong brand visual, take a look at our list below for our top picks for black logo design and use our logo maker to aid in your design endeavor.

Black Logos for Powerful Impressions

You want to be sleek, professional, and eye-watching? Check out the new logos below. We divided them into five major categories:

Take your pick and be one of the businesses with the most fantastic logos.

Famous Black Logos

Pretty sure you can recognize some of the examples below. We divided these famous logos into three sub-categories to help you better see which one you like.

  • Bands
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Super Heroes


Bands that have black logos cater to rockers worldwide. They want their visuals to show people what their music is all about.

Check out the famous band logos below for inspiration:


Black Sabbath

Led Zepplin

Linkin Park


The Beatles

Social Media Platforms

Take a look at famous social media platforms with black logos. It implies credibility which is essential to your branding. Find your most used platform below:







Superhero Logos

Who doesn’t love a good superhero story? We know we do. Take ideas from the superhero logos below for your next storyline or just a business logo in general:

Black Adam

Black Bolt

Black Canary

Black Panther

Black Widow

Emblem Logos

Create a nostalgic yet hip look for your business. Get an emblem logo in a black hue. It screams professionalism and having authority when it comes to the niche you’re in. You can put them on business cards, letterheads, and even social media posts.

Take your pick below:

2000 Bird Shield Logo – Black and White by visual curve

BIO SOUSS FOODS by Yosbrands

Black Chess King by Bryan

Black Cross Shield by Klubbsoda

Black Lion crest logo design by Mersad Comaga

Black Lives Matter by Ethan Fender

Black Logo Design by GBDESIGN

Black Network Tech by mrgnl

Black Tribal Totem by xgigantoomx

Black Yellow Anchor by MDS

Bold, Black Automotive Logo Design by Oct-O-Ray Design

Bold, Black Logo Design by MOH Studio

Bold, Simple Logo Design by nivleik

CAPITOL burger counter by 91.kremena.petrova

Conservative, Black Woodworking Logo Design by StudioD™

CV Wedding Logo Monogram by Kevin Craft

Food Garage piston fork element, automotive logo. by 21graphic

Glory by Andrii Kovalchuk

GT monogtam by Mersad Comaga

Inspiration from Georgian Letter “ტ” by Sandro Jalabadze

KC Badges by ted pioli

King Sixteen – Responsive Rebranding by Emir Ayouni for The Forefathers Group

Labor Day 2021 by Torey Needham

M by Stevan Rodic

Serious, Black Martial Art Logo Design by Noche designs

ship emblem logo design by Mersad Comaga

Tiki Logo by marvadesign_

Upmarket, Black Entrepreneur Logo Design by andi_fikri

Wankel’s Hardware by Magnolia Studio

Wine in Nature by Dimitrije Mikovic

Animal Logos

Give your brand a Work with the affection that people have for animals. Use an animal logo in black to boost the power and credibility of your marketing scheme

Check out our top picks below:

Baby Zebra | Logo Design by simc

Black Ape Silhouette by yulianrhmn

Black Lion Zoo by MDS

Black Penguin Dancing by eyed

Black Raven Fight Club by olga mikhailova

Black Skunk Animal by shen02

crane by Nick Matej

Curvy baby panda by Gert van Duinen

Elegant, Sweet Cafe Logo Design by DicéArt

Giraffes by Stevan Rodic

Gorilla by Lucian Radu

K9 by Stevan Rodic

Mr. Meow by Alexandra Erkaeva

Octopus Logo by Lucian Radu

Parrot Logo by Lisa Jacobs

Pet Care by Dmitry Litvinenko

Poem EM by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Playful, Dog Logo Design by StudioD™

Round Black Skunk by ions

Serious, Cool Logo Design by D_Mantra

The Blackbirds’ Bakehouse by insert name here

Two fish logo for a seafood restaurant by Sergii Syzonenko

Zebra | Mark by simc

Wordmark Logos

Make your market feel luxurious while announcing your presence as a business. Get a black wordmark logo and watch your market grow.

Feel free to get ideas from the designs below:

4K by Timur Aldemir

AK logo by Andre Korshak

Black Lives Matter by Alex Aperios

Bold, Black Logo Design by john garcia

Bold, Simple Logo Design by Ambo Dalle

k by Jisan Branding

KK Records by Nick Zotov

HelloPhoto by Tom_Watson

Loudmouth Logo Wordmark by Jack Type

Milk Street Logotype Concept by Wells Collins

Modern, Black Clothing Logo Design by B8

Modern, Cool Electronic Logo Design by sikamcoy222

Morrison Architecture by Patrick Tuell

New kitchen by Tamara Radke

OneEyedDoe Wordmark by Nick Stewart

OPEN by Piotr Gorczyca

Phew by Stevan Rodic

Playful, Hidden Entertainment Industry Logo Design by rum

Professional, Simple Business Logo Design by papaukke

Serious, Black Logo Design by Alleria.Designz

Southbound Smokehouse by Raicho

The Triangle Logo Design by Faikar

Valor  by hirun.design

Food Logos

Encourage people to come to your place with your food logo. Pair it in the color black that screams luxury and voila! You have people from around the world coming in to taste your tasty food.

Check out the scrumptious logos below:

Bar by Lara Iskritskaya

Bicicletta by Ilian Iliev

Black Geometric Pie by bertthebuildr

Black Hat Bagels by alpino

Black Jar Cheese by FishDesigns61025

Cheeseburger by Gustavo Zambelli

COFFEE BREAK – SKETCH by matthieumartigny

Combo Pizza by Konstantin Reshetnikov


Elkins Pork Social Club 2 by Ryan Lynn

Food pot by Andrii Kovalchuk

Lemon & Ginger Logo Exploration by Dimitrije Mikovic

Moon by Nick Molokovich

Mountain Food Cover by shad

Origami – Hawaiian style sushi! by Ardian    

Oriental Japanese Sushi by marcololstudio

Picnic Bakery by Catur Argi

Ramen Food Truck by yulianrhmn

sushi delivery by Jano Kobalia

Get Your Black Logo Today

There you have it! You’ve reached the end of our black logos catalog. We hope you found a design you’d love to use as your own or meld designs to make your own design.

We know you’ll do great and we’re here to back you up in any design method we can. Happy designing!

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