67 Stylish Fashion Logo Designs

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In the fashion industry, your logo is everything! As the first thing customers see, your logo design can make or break your business.

Let us help you create a fashion logo that draws attention, leaves a lasting impression, sets you apart from competitors, and serves as a solid foundation for your brand identity.

Sit back and enjoy as we go through the runway of famous fashion logos and more!

Creating Fashion Logo Tips

Nowadays, people wear clothing for protection and comfort and to express themselves. The fashion industry is full of competitors with the latest and trendy clothes and vintage shirts to attract customers. 

The ever-changing fashion industry makes branding essential to stand out from the competition. As a company that dictates how people dress, your brand must have a fashionable and stunning logo.

When designing your fashion logo, you should consider how it appeals to your target market and matches your brand aesthetic. 

Depending on the type of logo you want to use, there are some things that you should keep in mind when designing your fashion logo.

First, you should understand your target audience. Do you plan on capturing the attention of children? Ladies? Gentlemen? Or a little bit of everything? 

If you sell children’s clothing and accessories, you should use baby and kid logos to inform your customers about your products. You may also opt for chic logos to attract women to your fashion business, and the same goes for menswear logos.

Next, if you want your design to be readable and recognizable – go for a simple logo. No one will remember a logo that consists of too many elements. Aside from it would look messy, people will lose interest in your logo because of its style. 

To avoid this, you can use a simple design that people will understand and engage with immediately. Your logo’s readability includes the font type you use; choose one that reflects your brand personality. If you need ideas and inspiration, check out the typography trends for 2022.

Lastly, research shows a strong connection between emotion and color. Take advantage of this by using the appropriate colors that show off your brand. Like other industries, such as airline and zoo logos, the colors you choose for your brand plays a significant role in its success. 

Try incorporating these tips into your design process for a successful fashion logo. After creating your final design, make sure your logo is scalable to look high-quality on your advertising materials. 

Fashion Logos That Never Go Out of Style

We hope the tips above will help you design your logo from scratch. But if you want to take the easier road, we’ve got templates you can customize to fit your brand requirements!

Check out the three major categories of customizable fashion templates below:

Famous Fashion Logos

There are countless fashion logos, but only a few truly stand out. Whether creating a logo for the first time or redesigning your previous one, there’s no better way to get inspiration than from the top designer brands!

Get inspired by the top and famous fashion brands below:



Calvin Klein



Dolce & Gabbana


Giorgio Armani 



Jimmy Choo

Louis Vuitton


Ralph Lauren

Signature Logos

Regarding fashion brands, most people buy the product because of the person behind it. Like the famous Christian Louboutin and Oscar de la Renta, it’s only natural for favorite designers to use their signature as the logo.

A signature logo is simple yet impactful. It’s easy to read and remember and instantly lets the audience know of your fashion brand.

Browse through the signature logos below for ideas for your brand logo:

Beauty Watercolor Signature by ernestjdx

Bold, Business Fashion Logo Design by shakuna

Carmelita by ForSureLetters

Elegant, Company Fashion Photography Logo Design by eiffel tesla

Elegant, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by Jillyn

Elegant, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by Kiran

Elegant, Lime Footwear Logo Design by ecorokerz

Elegant Signature Wordmark by ernestjdx

Edward Anthony by ForSureLetters

Eva Ventail by ForSureLetters

Francesco Marconi – signature logotype by Constantine Ti

Feminine, Fashion Apparel Store Logo Design by Mono.co

Gordon Hutchison by ForSureLetters

Jude Gimeno by ForSureLetters

Modern, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by wonderland

Orange Signature Business by BryC

Personal logo animation for Marcos Lavorato by Zauri Miminoshvili

Playful, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by Pabs72

Playful, Fashion Logo Design by Nigel B

Shaunie feminine logo by Md Deluar Hossain

Signature Fashion Wordmark by Riri

Signature Ink Wordmark by ernestjdx

Simona Burbaitė by ForSureLetters

Traditional, Fashion Fashion Photography Logo Design by GLDesigns

Monogram Logos

From Louis Vuitton to Calvin Klein, monogram logos are widely used by many businesses worldwide. Did you know that the fashion industry was one of the first to adopt monogram design? 

Using a monogram logo conveys creativity, style, and exclusivity. You can create iconic patterns to elevate and give your design a touch of uniqueness. 

Check out the monogram logos below for ideas:

Alix Rufas AR Monogram Logo by Lisa Jacobs

Allove by Hamza

Blue A & V Monogram by JimjemR

Blue Shield Monogram by BryC

Conservative, Beautiful Fashion Logo Design by Rii

Crown Monogram ST by Alexxx

Elegant Company Monogram by Dessy

Elegant, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by Jamie Designs

Elegant, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by M.CreativeDesigns

Elegant, Letter Western fashion Logo Design by daniel462medina

Elegant S monogram by Arda Design Studio

Fancy M & O Monogram by Alexxx

Frederick Douglas Script Monogram by Daren Guillory

Golden Deluxe Monogram JL by JoeyRay

Golden Monogram NH by Mypen

Golden Monogram OIG by yulianrhmn

Hexagon Monogram NG by Alexxx

Logo Punto G by Antonio Calvino

Modern, Company Logo Design by Ena

Modern, Fashion Fashion Logo Design by Alchemist

Modern, Fashion Eyewear Logo Design by alpino

N & G Monogram by MusiqueDesign

NG Monogram Logo by Kanades

Ornamental Monogram Letter CK by Enso2

Red Banner Monogram SW by Alexxx

SW Monogram Concept by Kanades

Upmarket, Business Fashion Logo Design by GLDesigns

Upmarket, Fashion Logo Design by Enea

VR Monogram Logo by Kanades

Design Your Fashion Logo Today!

The fashion world is constantly evolving, so it’s essential to maximize your branding and marketing game to be on top. We hope you learned something about how to create a fashion design from scratch or that you prefer one of our customizable designs! 

With our logo maker, you can create your fashion logo in minutes! If you need other design templates, we’ve also covered you. Feel free to visit our website and browse through the templates made by our community of freelance designers. 

Create your fashion logo today, and your company might just be one of the top fashion brands people love!

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