22 GTA Logos for Crews and Clans

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GTA is one of the best-selling games in history. It has a strong fanbase that has been strong since 1997. The game has 16 parts in its series, with the most recent one being released in 2013. It also has an online version that lets gamers form collectives called crews. 

These groups collaborate to rank up and build a solid in-game reputation. With any group, it’s essential to make sure that your brand has a distinct image. 

That’s why we gathered up some of the best designs to inspire you to create your own GTA logo.

Gear up to find the best gaming logo designs today. Take a peep at the overview of brand marks you’ll see below.

Car logos 

The open-world game has themes surrounding crimes, and its name is inspired by motor vehicle theft. Gamers have the chance to play as car-stealing gangsters, making the game even more entertaining for car fans.

Having a car or automobile logo lets you have a design that is relevant to the game. This will help you communicate to the audience that your crew has a strong focus on

Some of the best cars in the game are the Pegassi Tezeract and the Progen Emerus. These cars are highly sought after, and they make for a great focal point in your logo. However, you can use other vehicles that will help you flesh out your crew’s personality even more. 

Take a look at more car designs below.

Classic Coachworks by Anora Logo 2

Initial D: AE86 by Andrew Alimbuyuguen

Modern Sports Car by JimjemR

Old Skool Customs by Mandy Illustrator

Red Muscle Car by JimjemR

Rent a Car logo by Mersad Comaga

Vítor’s garage 🚘 by João Augusto

W03 – Suzuki Grand Vitara by Gustavo Zambelli

Pro tip: Use only two to three colors

Colors add life to your design, but they may also bring a negative effect when done wrong. If you put too many colors in your logo, you run the risk of oversaturating it and making it hard to remember.

Gang logos

Make GTA your turf with a distinct brand image. You can create a gang logo for your group to help you raise awareness of your goals and status. Emblem designs can also be used for marking your territory or for other materials like T-shirt designs. 

It is common to see illustrations of skulls, bats, chains, and other objects related to edginess. You have the option to center your design around these objects or use them to frame and emphasize your logo. 

Gang logos typically have dark logos with metallic accents of either gold or silver, giving it a luxurious touch. 

Find more gang and gangster logo ideas below.

Bandana Skull by town

BlauwRP server logo by Patrycja Tęcza

Bold Logo Design by Kreative Fingers

GTA Penembak by Tobi Santoso

King Death Skull Badge by town

Our Gang Marketing Solutions by hery_krist

Yellow Superhero Mask by SimplePixelSL

Pro tip: Try lowercase letters

There are a couple of ways that you can achieve a modern logo design. You can try using lowercase letters and ditching proper capitalization. This makes you appear less formal and lets your brand seem alternative and laidback. 

Text logos

Text logos may not have the same flashy designs as logos with drawings, but it makes up for versatility and memorability. This straightforward design also helps you prevent visual distractions. 

You have two standard choices when it comes to typography-based design. These options are lettermark or wordmark logos. Lettermark logos feature the initials of a brand name, making it a good option for clubs that have long names. 

On the other hand, wordmark logos feature a group’s full name, which helps audiences remember it without abbreviations.

When creating a text logo, make sure that you have an excellent font to work with. Try looking for urban and graffiti-inspired fonts in Google Fonts, Font Library, and other online font platforms. 

BOYS GANG by Alexandra S.

GTA Custom Emblem by Andy Akers

Howe Money by NN_SignArt

Neon Nightclub Lady by JimjemR

RestlessUncleP, by kiekoomonster

Skoolaz Gang by SUDHEESH KV

Throttle Rides Logo by Garry Gurcharan

Pro tip: Don’t overcrowd

An effective logo is simple and does not have a lot of visual clutter. It’s essential to make sure that your design composition has enough space. Negative space lets your design stand out and become more emphasized. 


This roundup features some of the best emblems for GTA today. You can use these logos as a baseline to help you determine what type of designs work best for the game. The possibilities are endless. These car logos and typography logos are just the beginning.

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