30 Notary Logos That Will Seal the Deal

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Abiding by a consistent branding guide strengthens a notary brand. However, before you dabble in different branding campaigns, you need a strong logo. It is the source of your client’s first impression of you.

A notary logo for your law business is like a contract for success. It is an essential part of your operations and you shouldn’t do business without it. Branding impacts business in more ways than most people will ever expect. 

This graphic mark can build credibility, loyalty, drive value, and improve how your brand is perceived by the public. For design inspiration, we rounded up a list of designs that may inspire you. These design themes are often utilized by legal brands all over the world:

When looking for logos, make sure that you source a symbol that is designed strategically. Remember that you are in a business of legal matters. Companies that perform and brand themselves correctly will be more successful in the long run. 

Scales of Justice

You’ve seen this item being held by the Lady of Justice. It represents a balanced judgment of parties in legal disputes. 

The story behind this stems from a Greek myth about a goddess names Dike. The goddess is known for possessing scales as a symbol of her rule over human morality and justice. 

Virago Law by Designs 2019

Gold Sword Scale by podvoodoo13

Notary Public Logo by Calin Radu

Activist Legal LLP by Oscar Skippa

Aggressive Law firm by Ian De Dobbelaere 

Law Center Logo by Samuel Oktavianus

Professional Legal Scales by town

Gold City Law Firm by podvoodoo13

This is one of the common symbols you see in the law industry. However, if you want to change things up, you can opt to use illustrations of blindfolds, swords, the book of judgment, and more. 

The use of such symbols can greatly benefit brands. Well-known symbols like the scales of justice create a self-explanatory mark that instantly communicates your goods or services. You will find no need to incorporate other elements to make your design effective.


Stamp logos designs provide brands with a strong silhouette. Since these symbols often come with a border, it is an opportunity for you to draw more attention to your design. 

Elegant Letter A Emblem by BrandCrowd

Maida Chen by logo Creative

Mama Justice by Best One

Solomon Law Firm PLLC by mirek janczur

Cute Purple Stamp by BrandCrowd

Seals or stamps usually take the shape of circles. This communicates a message to your audience that is explained by shape psychology. Brands that use round shapes are perceived as stable and empathetic which you can use to your advantage. Additionally, the shape is also a good match for more law-related graphic elements like laurel wreaths and ribbons. 

Larson Law Firm by Rakesh Mohan

Glades Notary by meygekon

You don’t have to limit yourself to one shape, though. Shapes such as squares and rectangles also do a good job of creating eye-catching stamp-inspired legal logos.


Going for a simple design is a smart choice for companies regardless of niche. It is easier for the audience to recall your brand name if it is the focal point of your insignia. 

Typography logos do a good job of demonstrating your brand’s personality through font and colors alone. 

Modern San Serif Font Text Wordmark by BrandCrowd

Glades Notary, LLC by Khoirul Amri

Lawyer brand by Maycon Prasniewski

Gold P Emblem by BrandCrowd

Honest Hawaii Notary Public by JTdsign

McCormick Law Firm Logo Design – Alt by Jon Billett

Lahmann Lawyer by Christian Smith

You can use serif fonts to showcase your company’s fancy and formal personality. Fonts with a decorative “tail” at the end of each stroke belong in this category. Great serif fonts for justice symbols include Didot, Butler, Garamond, Neue Swift, and Big Caslon among others.

On the opposite side of the coin are sans serif fonts. Ostrich Sans, Futura, Museo Sans3, and Azedo are great choices for notary wordmark or lettermark logos. Sans serif fonts do not have the decorative tail which makes it look more modern and straightforward.

Pro tip: Be different

Retain a unique and remarkable identity by researching your competitors. Avoid using the same design elements like them. You want a logo that will the company apart, making you distinct from the market. 


When you think of notarization matters, you think of documents that need to be signed. Pen symbols like nibs, quills, and other writing instruments work well for this industry.

Applying logo design trends correctly can transform your pen logo. You can use negative space to add intriguing silhouettes that will catch the attention of your clients. This will also help you balance out the clutter in your business logo. 

Notary by Bashar™

Pen Archery by Pakito77

Pen Curtain by MDS

Glades Notary LLC by fatema7

Notary’s Office Logo by Gustavo Vitulo

Document Notary Logo by Sanjin Halilovic

Maida & Chen Notary Public by Andrés Sebastián

Writer Ink Quill by JimjemR

Most legal companies use the colors blue, red, and green. Audiences think of these brand colors as something that reveals something about a brand’s identity. The color blue communicates trust, green alludes to security, while red represents strength. 

However, you can apply more color psychology to make your pen logos represent your company fully. 

Become a brand that rules

Before you decide on a logo, think about how it will look like on promo materials. Law-related brands commonly use items like business cards, websites, social media, brochures, and letterheads to spread the word about their business. 

You can find a design like that within seconds in BrandCrowd’s notary logo library. The insignias you will find are unique and professionally designed. But you can take its effectivity up a notch by customizing it according to your brand identity.

The law logo maker hands users everything they need to create a balanced logo. It lets users modify color schemes according to their brand colors. It also has a library of different fonts ready that you can try out. 

Gaze upon adaptive logos that can look good anywhere:

Serve your clients with powerful branding to make a good first impression. 

Bring more justice to your design: