35 Icon Logos for Sensational Brands

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When you think of icon logos, you think of big brands like Apple. But a recognizable brand identity can be achieved by small brands like tech startups or local small businesses. 

The truth is that any brand can have a brand identity that is just as good as famous icon logos. That’s why we created a roundup of impressive logo designs that you can take inspiration from. A brand’s graphic mark is a tool to drive brand recognition and awareness. 

The logos you will see below allows you to create an informative design and connect with your audience. Various brands from different industries can use this style to their advantage. Prepare to see logos that you can use for tech logos, app logos, instagram highlight logos, and more. 

Below is the overview of iconic logo designs waiting for you in this list.

Crest icon logos

In the Middle Ages, people would use crests to symbolize achievement and their families. This type of design often takes the form of a shield shape embellished with crown logos, flags, and animals. It can bring a sophisticated touch to a company. 

For text, it also helps to add a font inspired by traditional design. Old English fonts and serif fonts are perfect for this use as they possess a nostalgic charm. However, you can explore other font libraries on the internet to find what you’re looking for.

Find more heraldic logo inspiration below.

Bee Api  by Logo no 1

Chicago Fire FC by Grant O’Dell 

Chimera Rat by Dalibor Pajic

Company Logo Design by ecorokerz

Crest logo design by NAD

Eagle by Allan Peters

Elegant, Church Church Logo Design by ArtGarage

Everhouse I by Steve Wolf

Logo-Crest Design by David Martins

Owl and newspaer by Andrii Kovalchuk

Pegasus 📌 Logo was Sold by graph_uvarov

Ram by Steve Wolf

Stetson by Yondr Studio

Pro tip: Use only two to three trends

Logo design trends provide a new source of inspiration that you can use to make a contemporary identity. However, if you plan on incorporating this into your design, you want to make sure that you apply only two to three trends at a time to maintain a timeless look.

Letter icon logos

Icon logos provide a way for brands to create a small mark that lets them summarize their brand through graphic design. It is also a great way to show off your brand’s initials, as this gives your audience an easier time remembering.

This design is best for brands that have been around for a while and have a steady audience. Shortening or abbreviating your name as a small business may hinder your audience from becoming familiar with your full company name. Companies with long names can also use it and create a visually compact brand mark.

Discover more text logo designs below.

alk Logo Design – Chat logo icon Creative T letter logo by Ahmed Rumon 

Bird Icon Letter B by novita007

Briefa – Logo Design by Ashfuq Hridoy

G-Initial … by Arno Kathollnig

icarpix by art by SUGU

Letter A – app logo icon by Md. Sadikul Islam

letter V by Design Nation

N by Kakha Kakhadzen

G-Initial … by Arno Kathollnig

Q mark! by Nour Oumousse

S-Project by BOLBOL 2

Pro tip: Try different art styles

You may share initials with other brands, but you can set yourself apart by trying different art styles. There are design movements that you can try, like minimalist, abstract, and flat logo design, that give you the chance to create a design that isn’t commonplace.

Creative icon logos

Having a creative logo design is a way for you to impress your audience and set a good first impression. You can stay on top of their minds by showcasing your ability to be imaginative.

To create a striking concept for your logo, you want to make sure that you look for designs and compile the best ones on a mood board. Doing this will allow you to visualize your logo better.

You can also use graphic elements color to improve your design. Color psychology is another way for you to symbolize your brand through design better. It uses colors to associate human traits with a brand. For example, applying the color red to your brand identity can make you look passionate; yellow creates the appearance of joy and more. 

Scroll to find more inspiring logos here.

Aesthetic Diamond Hand by Mypen

Aesthetic Rose Florist by Mypen

Blue Audiobook by wasih

Fiery Horse by Mypen

High Pack bird icon! by Nour Oumousse

Kawaii Kiosk Icon by novita007

Little Bird by Mypen

owlmon logo by MAXSTRIM_GRAPICH

Panther Crest by CKS d e s i g n

Pink Pyramid Icon by JimjemR

Stylish Abstract Camera by ions

Pro tip: Keep it simple

Adding decorative elements to your brand mark makes it eye-catching, but it may stand as a visual distraction when overdone. That’s why it is vital to keep a simple logo design. Doing this lets you have a design that is easy to apply to different collaterals like business cards and, at the same time, becomes more remarkable to the audience.


With icon logos, you get to have a versatile logo that doesn’t compromise your design’s ability to relay information. When done right, it is a concept that any brand can successfully carry over to their branding strategy.  

Instead of wondering how to create an icon logo, continue reading to learn how you can source a design for yourself below. 

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform you can use to work with freelance graphic designers. Through a logo design contest, you can get up to 50 design submissions and pick the best one for your brand. The website also lets you run contests for business card design and other graphic design projects.

For those looking to find a more cost-effective solution, the BrandCrowd logo maker is a great choice. This gives you access to a library of customizable designs featuring picture logos and design logos, among many others. In addition, you can customize design elements like font, color, and layout to make it yours. Download the perfect logo in minutes. Try it right here.

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