49 Dating Logos That Will Make You Swipe Right

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It’s the month of love once again! If you have a dating app, dating service, or a matchmaking business, a stunning dating logo is key in capturing your audience’s attention (and heart). 

Need help with the logo design? Don’t worry; our roundup has charming and alluring logo ideas to inspire you. It’s full of hearts, roses, reds, and pinks that will surely capture that feeling of love. 

Let’s take a look at them!

How To Create A Great Dating Logo

Whether you want that love-at-first-sight story or a serious romance, dating apps and services can help people start their love story.

Your logo should be able to encapsulate all those feelings and instantly convey them to people. We know it doesn’t sound easy, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow our steps below to create a great logo: 

Think of your branding.

Your logo’s look and feel depend on your niche and target audience. 

For example, the logo of a dating app catering to over 50 people looking for a serious relationship versus one catering to quick hook-ups for 20-something people will look very different. The first one should look more professional and mature, while the second should look more youthful and bold. 

It’s the same logic for dating services as well. Are you creating a logo for a speed dating event? How about a matchmaking service for CEOs and business owners? Or maybe you need one for a fun and casual college dating event? 

You can develop a suitable logo by clearly identifying your niche, audience, and intended brand identity. You’ll be able to attract the right people as well.

Choose suitable colors

Colors like red and pink are the most popular colors for dating services. And it’s for a good reason. 

The color red is associated with love and romance. It’s seen as fiery, passionate, and dominant. 

Pink is also associated with romance, though it’s more on the lighter side. Pink is seen as cute, playful, and innocent. Think of it as using pink for infatuation and affection, while red is for heat and passion. 

Match your typography

Your typography is also crucial in deciding the overall look of your logo. If you’re leaning toward a more cute and light-hearted logo design, a rounded sans-serif font is your best bet since it tends to look more approachable. You can also go for more whimsical fonts or use a bubblier typographic style.

If your target audience is older or more on the professional side, your typography should be classier or more formal. Go for serif fonts like Didot, Garamond, or Baskerville. 

Use a witty name

Lastly, your app or service name matters!

Your name should be witty and attention-grabbing and convey your brand’s identity. Let’s take a look at Tinder. The name “tinder” means to start a fire. It fits with their branding to start a spark or ignite a fiery romance with their users. Their fire app icon is also meant to match their name. 

How about Bumble? The word “bumble” is associated with bees, particularly queen bees. This complements their feminist app concept, where the woman is the one who will initiate contact with their matches. 

Struggling with coming up with a name? Check out our business name generator now! Enter a few keywords or a short prompt and we’ll give you suitable names. 

Dating Logo Design Examples

Let’s now move on to our compilation of love and romance-inspired logos. Feel free to browse them, and you may find the logo that perfectly matches your business! 

Heart Logos

What could be a better symbol of love than a heart? Whether you go for a minimalist design, a cute cartoon heart, or a 3D geometric style, one thing’s certain — people will automatically understand that your business is related to love or dating.

Get your heart logo below:

Heart / Link by Kakha Kakhadzen

Heart B Nour Oumousse

Heart by aninndesign

Heart birds logos by Arsalan Eagle

Love 9 Logo by Daud Husain Sami

HEART by Vaibhav Jadhav

Heart by Grant Blakeman

heart arrow by Michał Pieczyński

Relationship Advice by Niky Roihan

Heart + Feedback by BrandKing

Green Star Heart by brandcrowd

Care Heart hands by brandcrowd

Pink Broken Heart by brandcrowd

Pink Heart Elephant by brandcrowd

Heart Message Chat by brandcrowd

Wedding Photographer Heart by brandcrowd

Pink Burger Love Heart by brandcrowd

Baby Kid Heart by brandcrowd

Geometric Diamond Heart by brandcrowd

Dating Heart Hand by brandcrowd

Chat Logos

Dating apps or speed dating events focus on the importance of people having conversations to find their potential match. Why not symbolize that with chat-related icons such as speech bubbles, typing icons, envelopes, telephones, and the like?

Browse some chat and communication logo ideas below:

Lovely Speech Bubble App by brandcrowd

Smartphone Love Dating by brandcrowd

Hand Sign Chat by brandcrowd

Lovely Heart Message Bubble by brandcrowd

Heart Eat Chat by brandcrowd

Love Message Chat by brandcrowd

Love Dating Flirting Messaging by brandcrowd

Flirty Love Message Chat by brandcrowd

Pink Camera Photography Love Heart by brandcrowd

Love Chat Bubble by brandcrowd

Romance Logos

While the heart is the most popular icon for love, many other symbols capture romance as well! These could be Cupid, roses, a box of chocolates, lips, a couple holding hands, wine glasses, or wedding rings. You can even go for a fire icon to convey that passionate and fiery feeling (which is what Tinder did!).  

Check out our samples here: 

Heart Basketball Love

Naughty Love Heart Chocolate Dessert

Heart Care Charity

Red Heart Balloon

Heart Dating Ampersand

Online Dating Romance Heart

Lady Romance Heart

Heart Hand Romance

Rose Flower Romance

Logo for a dating app by Olga Tkachenko

Love Logo by Masuder Rahman

Canoe Couple Logo by NSK ARTS

SOANZ XR by Anthony DiPaolo

Roman Red Rose Logo Template by Heavtryq

Four Rose Flowers Logo Template by Heavtryq

Couple Romance Logo by Sore_studios

Florence Rose Logo by Shohag Sheqder

Romance Time by Valeriia

Rose&Rye by Nour Fatima

Get Your Dating Logo Today!

There you have it! We hope you found The One in the list above. 

Our logo maker tool is also here to help you. Simply go to our pages, such as romance, relationship, or love logo maker, and you’ll find templates you can further customize or use immediately. 

We also have editable templates for Facebook Posts, TikTok Videos, or Snapchat Designs to promote your dating app or event. 

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