87 Best Heart Logo Ideas

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Entering February means Valentine’s Day is near, and love is in the air! For many, this is the month to celebrate and express their feelings for their loved ones.

As a business owner, it’s also the perfect time to show your love and care to your customers. Whether you’re a new brand looking for the ideal Valentine’s logo idea to start your business or gathering ideas to tweak your logo for this love month, a heart logo design is the best choice!

Join us as we look at some heart logos from prominent brands and more.

Heart Logo Designs Meaning

Over the years, the heart symbol has always been associated with love and good health. As a vital organ in our body, a heart logo is the best symbol to represent emotions and establish a strong connection.

We know that a heart symbol represents love, so how do you differentiate your heart logo and stand out from the competition? Understand the color theory and use the power of colors!

Each heart with different colors depicts different things. So if you’re looking for ideas as to what color should your heart logo be, here are things that you should know:

A blue heart logo shows stability, trust, and confidence, making it the perfect color to gain your customer’s trust. White heart logos are ideal for depicting your brand as safe and pure due to their clean and minimalistic design. The red heart is a classic symbol of love and affection, so a red logo is the best choice if your brand sells products and services to make people fall in love.

Aside from color, your chosen typography also plays an essential role in your overall branding. Next to your colors, fonts also evoke certain emotions from your customers. Choose one that pairs well with the color and your brand’s overall personality. 

Heart Logos To Love Struck Customers

Like square and circle logos, many brands worldwide also use heart logos as their brand shape. There’s no better way to enter the month of love than your heart logo design.

No design experience? No problem! We’ve collected different heart logos for you to give you an idea. Plus, you can customize them to fit your brand requirements! Check out the four major categories below: 

Famous Heart Logos

Even famous brands worldwide have taken advantage of the heart logo. Learn from these successful brands and get inspired to create your own, and who knows? Your business name and logo might be the newest addition to this list! 

Check out the brands with famous heart logos below:


American Heart Association






I Love New York





Pure Romance



Abstract Heart Logos

Take your creativity to the next level with your abstract logo! Perfect for brands who want to stand out, abstract logos can help you evoke certain emotions and establish a deeper connection with your audience.

Browse through the abstract heart logos below:

Anaglyph Heart Glasses by JimjemR

Bold, Clever Fitness Logo Design by Magdi Essam

Bold, Geometric by Birdcage

Dating Couple Heart by DanikBrt

Digital heart, logo symbol / icon exploration by Alex Tass, logo designer

Elegant, Heart education Logo Design by sherman

Hug with heart / Sketch by Kakha Kakhadzen

Love by Dalibor Pajic

LoveBird by Deividas Bielskis

LUV by Valentin Valade

Medical Wrench Heart by AMCstudio

Modern, Heart Clothing Logo Design by ACK Design

Modern, Heart Healthcare, Addiction Treatment Logo Design by dharlan

Noodle Love by Dimitrije Mikovic

Oxford Heartbeat – Logo Design by Bohdan Harbaruk 🇺🇦

Pink Abstract Heart by ions

Pink Heart Elephant by ions

Pink Heart Hand by Dessy

Pink Support Heart by ArvinP

Rapid Logo Design by T2 PPTX

Red Heart Star by MDS

Red Logo Design by D_Mantra

Serious, Heart Medical Logo Design by logoQ

Colorful Heart Logos

With the different meanings of every color, you’ll never run out of ideas to express your brand message with a colorful heart logo

Use the classic red heart logo if your brand offers romantic products and services. You can also show your love for nature and impress your customers with your care for the environment they live in through your green heart logo! The heart symbol is just one of the many green logos you can use if you’re looking for organic logos.

Inspire others to spread the love with your heart logo! Find the best-colored heart design from the templates below:

Blue Logo Design by Bismillah Studios

Bold, Heart Foundation Logo Design by Visartes

Bold, Peach Pet accessories Logo Design by anekaa

Bird Nest Heart by SimplePixelSL

ColorHeart by MT Projectss

Couple / Relationship by Mihai Dolganiuc

Colorful Heart Foundation by JimjemR

Colorful Heart Love by town

Colorful, Heart Retail Cannabis Logo Design by brand maker

Colourful It Company Logo Design by MrBranding

Community Global Heart by MusiqueDesign

Elegant, Heart Social Media Logo Design by sez_inn

Heart Couple Gender by shen02

Heart House Home by realdreams

Honeymoon Heart Plane by town

Modern, Heart Non Profit Logo Design by sushsharma99

Healing Logo Design by Elif Kameşoğlu

Heart by Aleksei Vasileika

Heart by Deividas Bielskis

Modern, Creative Health And Wellness Logo Design by Omee

Penrose Heart by Michael Stidham for North Point Creative

Playful, Heart Logo Design by RCGraphics

Rainbow Box Heart by eightyLOGOS

Rapid Logo Design by ecorokerz

WeatherWell by Sava Stoic

Minimalist Heart Logos

Minimalist logos have grown in popularity over the years. Its simple design would draw attention because of its clean and creative style. Unleash your artistic ideas to create an eye-catching minimalist design.

Design the best minimalist heart logo from the templates below:

Alot Logo Design by Lucas Fields

Baby Kid Heart by ions

Company Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Elegant, Business Home Furnishing Logo Design by Gree™

Elegant, Heart Medical supply Logo Design by PreciousBrain

Heart Beat by Lazar Bogicevic

Heart Chat App by novita007

Heart City Buildings by town

Heart Logo Icon by Ery Prihananto

IB logo for Israt Borsha by Shahadat Rahman

Leaf Heart App by DanikBrt

Modern Gradient Heart by JimjemR

Modern, Hair And Beauty Hair And Beauty Logo Design by ZoneCreative

Modern, Heart Church Logo Design by ArtSamurai

Magnet Heart Logo by Connor Fowler (.com)

Modern, Heart Logo Design by Low_vertical

Modern, Geometric Logo Design by ecorokerz

Modern, Good Health And Wellness Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Pink Heart Stethoscope by town

Playful, Heart Clothing Logo Design by madeli

Red Heart Letter H by MusiqueDesign

S love, heart by Harun R Himu | Logo Designer

Stay Home Love Heart by Alexxx

Upmarket, Company Home And Garden Logo Design by Mrigank Patankar

Create Your Heart Logo Today!

You have probably encountered heart logo designs on companies that offer products or services related to love and romance! But with its versatility, a heart logo works well – regardless of your business’s industry.

There you have it! We hope you liked the heart logo examples above. If you’re looking for other heart logo ideas, you can try our logo maker and browse through different designs. We can also help you with additional design needs, such as Twitter headers, Pinterest board covers, SoundCloud banners, and more!

Spread the love and design your heart logo today!

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