45 Courier Logo To Drive Your Brand Forward

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Online shopping has taken the world by storm, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tons of courier and delivery services have since popped up in response to the overwhelming customer demand. 

If you’re starting your own courier business (or just thinking about rebranding!), you’ll need a striking courier logo that reflects your business value – which is speed, convenience, and efficiency.  

Need ideas for your logo design? We got you! Our roundup today is full of transport-related logos in various styles fit for any courier service you may have. Whether you want a minimalist or bold design, we have it here. 

Let’s take a look at them!

How To Create A Courier Logo

Multiple courier services are available, whether you specialize in small parcels or huge boxes, same-day deliveries, or international shipping. 

Still, there are key visual elements or characteristics that you can integrate for a more successful logo design. These are: 

Incorporate related symbols or icons

Harness the power of iconography and use universal icons associated with time and delivery, such as clocks, motorcycles, parcels, or boxes, to show that you are a courier service. By using these easy-to-understand icons, your customers can instantly understand what your business is all about. 

Use easy-to-read fonts

You never see a cursive or calligraphy-style logo for any courier service. Clean and sharp letters are considered more reliable and efficient than fancier fonts. 

Huge, simple fonts are favored in courier logos. Look at the logos of FedEx, Aramex, and Blue Dart. They are all simple and easy to read. You can use Futura Bold, which FedEx uses, for your design. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean you can’t play around with your typography. You can add dash lines or angle your text to the right to show a sense of speed and motion. You can see this in DHL, USPS, Fastway, and ZTO logos. 

Think of your color scheme

Color psychology plays a huge role in how your customers perceive your brand. Blue logos are seen as trustworthy and secure. Meanwhile, bright red and vibrant oranges are seen as energetic and dynamic. 

Yellow is another popular choice as it is very eye-catching and is viewed as the color of speed. This is due to their association with lightning bolts, hence the “quick as lightning” proverb. 

You can see these bright colors in popular delivery services like DHL, UPS, and DoorDash logos.  

Consider the scalability of your logo

A great courier logo is scalable and adaptable. It should look good on a small parcel, plastered on your delivery truck, or as a small icon for your mobile app. When designing your logo, check how it looks in various sizes. 

It would be best if you also created multiple variations of it – one in horizontal format, one in vertical format, text-only, icon-only, and so on. This ensures that you have a version of your logo that can work no matter what platform you use it on. 

Courier Logo Design Examples

Let’s now look at our top picks for courier logo designs. This can help you get an idea of what’s trending right now. 

We’ve divided them into three categories: 

Speed Logos

Want to show your customers that fast delivery is your utmost priority? Use icons that show speed and time. These could be done by adding dash lines, a smoke effect, or slanting your text to the right. You can also show a person running, a clock, a stopwatch, an hourglass, a lightning bolt, or arrows. 

Check out our speed logos below: 

American Racer by Fauzimqn

Speed Logo Design by Arup Baidya

Speed Logo Delivery Logo by Maxoint  Creative Design Agency

Rush Logo by Minimalist Boss

Wordmark Logo by Mizan

Rider Logo by Mizan

Elegant, Courier Software Logo Design by Professor P

Professional, Creative Courier Logo Design by WooW Designs

Masculine, Logistics Logistics Logo Design by Soul Light

Playful, Delivery Service Delivery Service Logo Design by Logocraft

Elegant, Courier Business Logo Design by ideaz2050

Modern, Financial Financial Logo Design by ELOISE LIND

Express Courier Box by brandcrowd

Express Courier Arrow by brandcrowd

Arrow Shipping Courier by brandcrowd

Male Speed Runner by brandcrowd

Speed Meter Gauge by brandcrowd

Car Logos

Another option for your logo is to use your courier service’s mode of transportation as your main visual point. Do you do them by bike, motorcycle, truck, van, or car? This way, your customers already know what to expect from your business. 

Scroll down to see more car logos:

courier business brand identity LF Courier Logo Design by PS20 Studios.

Courier Service Logo by Sayedur Rahman

PetalPost Flower Delivery – Logo & Brand Guidelines by Daniel Zane for W Strategies

Pro Rozvoz – eng. “Professional Delivery” logo design by Johnny Gejdos

Bold, Fast Courier & Logistics Logo Design by LazyArt

Courier It Company Logo Design by uniquetarge

Events Events Logo Design by Zlajks

Fast Industry Logo Design by ElectricBill

Bold, Delivery Service Courier & Logistics Logo Design by LogoPoko

Closed Van Transport Courier by  brandcrowd

Truck Courier Cargo by  brandcrowd

Delivery Truck Courier by brandcrowd

Fast Courier Truck by brandcrowd

Truck Speed Courier by brandcrowd

Flight Logos

What’s the best way to avoid traffic and get to your destination quickly? Well, you can fly of course! While, unfortunately, we humans haven’t figured out a way to fly on our own yet, you can capture that speedy and breezy feeling in your logos by using flight-related icons such as a paper plane, an airplane, wings, or various types of birds. 

Get inspired by our samples of fly logos below: 

Flyline Logo Design Proposal by Bojan Gulevski

Airplane logo by sander

R + Plane Travel Agency Logo for Revisit. by Rahid Rehman

S-Aircraft Logo Concept by Jahid Hasan

Bold, Fast Shipping Logo Design by MergeStudio

Colorful, Courier Business Logo Design by Chalid

Management Logo Design by Graphic Bricks

Colorful, Courier Business Logo Design by shakuna

Courier It Company Logo Design by GeorgeLogoDesign

Aviation Plane Courier by brandcrowd

Wings Express Courier by  brandcrowd

Arrow Courier Aircraft by brandcrowd

Gradient Wings Courier by  brandcrowd

Drone Delivery Courier by  brandcrowd

Create Your Courier Logo Today!

Every second counts if you are in the delivery and logistics industry. Your customers expect speed, efficiency, as well as reliability. They want to get their packages delivered as quickly and safely as possible.

Your logo’s job is to convey all of those important qualities. While it may seem difficult, it doesn’t have to be! You can hire a designer at DesignCrowd for a more expert touch or use our handy logo maker tool to create your logo. 

Make sure to promote your business so that more and more people will use your service. Harness the power of Facebook Ads, create an eye-catching Twitter Header, or post a fun yet informative TikTok video. All of those can be created within our site through our customizable templates. Check them out now!

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