50 Typography Logos That Are Remarkable

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Typography logos fit seamlessly to any brand. That’s why this logo design concept is a favorite among different brands. It is a design that you can use for various niches, including tech and makeup. 

There is no wonder why over 46% of the top 100 brands in the world have a type-based design. Its design keeps visual distractions down to a minimum and doesn’t compromise style. This trait is essential for any brand that aims to grow awareness and a loyal customer base. 

Find inspiration to design a versatile brand identity here. We gathered the best lettering logo designs that you can browse for ideas. 

The designs below will show you what makes this concept so great. 

Cool text logos

When you think of a cool logo, you think of a brand mark that is out of the ordinary. This type of design will make your brand look authoritative and trendy at the same time. To achieve this, you should avoid using the same concept and style as your competitors. 

Some concepts you could try out are graffiti-inspired design fit for urban companies or a neon logo to create a futuristic vibe. You could even create a flaming text logo or a creative text logo.

Illustrations also make for a great addition to your design. They help you add self-explanatory symbols to help attract the target audience. But you want to make sure that you add compelling illustrations that won’t add clutter to your design. 

Discover more ideas below. 

3D Arrow U & R by spayro

Camel typography logo by maestro_medak

David Green by Prakash_arts

Die Jerk Logotype by Antonio Calvino

DOPE by Franziska Volmer

HИШ typo by Aleksandar Savic

JACK’D audio by Vetroff

Modern Tech Number 7 by MDS

Nami by Goh

Stay Home by YEAH’G

Sticks & Stones by jjrenucci

Typographic Logo Design by nreime

Uncle Sams by Ilham Herry

WeFolio – custom wordmark by Gert van Duinen

xoxo by Eddie Lobanovski

YOU BUILD SYDNEY by mildtravis

Zero Mile Brewing Company, by Smiljka

Pro tip: Ask for feedback

A simple way to source logo critique is to ask your family, friends, or business partners what they think of the logo. Ask them about their first impressions and the weaknesses of your logo. You can use their insight to revise and improve your logo before your big launch.

Minimalist text logos

In a world full of overwhelming and tacky design, some brands prefer to have a more subdued identity. That’s why minimalist logo design has been growing in popularity. 

Designers must refrain from using too many details when creating a minimalist text logo. Instead, you want to focus more on the composition and space of each element to make an effective minimalist brand mark. 

You can work with minimalist fonts as they help achieve a recognizable minimalist identity. Raleway, Bolt Sans, and Clio Clean Display Sans are just some of the clean-looking fonts that you can incorporate into your design seamlessly. 

Adelaide Open Bar by creative.bugs

Alumio by Gert van Duinen

AQUILA by ESolz Technologies

Corporate HW Monogram by royallogo

Corporate YM Letter by FishDesigns61025

Electronic Sports Font by brandcrowd

cocktap by nhpawar

Cut Text Font Wordmark by saifullah

Givrs by Alien Cookie

goalkick logo by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Golden HE Monogram by royallogo

Golden MS Monogram by RistaDesign

LEGATUM by granero888 2


Outerlabs Logo by Jordan Jenkins

Paradigm Estates by Brandify Designs

Sundry Arts by La Wawa

The Mani Bar by tavi

Pro tip: Add a frame

There are a couple of things that you can do if you’re worried about having a design that looks too plain. One subtle way to make your design pop is to add a frame. In addition, you can add simple shapes like a circle or square to emphasize your design without adding clutter. 

Calligraphy logos

Calligraphy is the art of decorative writing that originates back to ancient China in 206 BCE. It continues to be practiced today. This style is excellent for artsy logos as well as feminine logos. In addition, this style provides a fun look to any design. 

One thing you can do to improve your design is to add color. It is another element that you can use to express your personality through design.

 But you want to make sure that you don’t oversaturate your logo typography, as it may take away the impact of your brand identity. Designers recommend using only two to three colors for your design. 

Check out more calligraphic logo ideas in this section.

Banging by Ilya Gorchaniuk 🦁

Blue TDG Tech Monogram by RistaDesign

Fancy Blue Letter H by town

Fortitude Ultra-Premium Vodka by AHGDesign

Harris Brewing Company by Jeremy Vessey

Hedley Grange by amare1000k

Lynx CBD v3 by younique

medulla by George Bokhua

Royal Sign by keis604

Runner – logo concept by Helvetiphant™

Sax Capital by got2believe

Serious, Construction Logo Design by RoundYellow

Styled. Home Staging by AHGDesign

Typography logo design by NexaDesign

2021 by YEAH’G

Pro tip: Make your own font

Incorporating the same overused fonts in your design may give it a commonplace look that won’t allow you to stand out. One way you can do this is to create your font. Doing this makes you look more original and challenging to imitate. Then, after completing your design, you can use it on your logo and other assets like social media posts or your catalog.


Coca-Cola and Google are some of the most renowned brands with a famous typographic logo. It became a tool for them to stand out in an oversaturated market. 

The text logo is a suitable design perfect for any language, whether Hindu, Japanese, or Arabic. 

You don’t have to settle for a basic design. The logos above demonstrate how you use simple design elements to create a fantastic design from cool to minimalist. Find the right logo that best suits your brand below.

DesignCrowd is a platform that you can use to run design contests. Brands can use this to find a custom logo design, flyer design, and other graphic design needs. The website gives users the chance to work with a community of freelance graphic designers and choose the best design out of over 50 submissions. Learn more about it today. 

The DIY approach is also a great idea with the BrandCrowd typography logo maker. It gives you access to a design collection ranging from lettermark logos to wordmark logos

Plus, you can customize design elements like colors and fonts to make the design reflect your brand personality perfectly. You will also find awe-inspiring designs for business cards and other marketing assets. 

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