97 Best Yellow Logo Templates

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Close your eyes for a second and name as many famous yellow logo designs that you can think of.

There is a lot, right? Yellow logos can capture customers’ attention with their bright and radiating colors. But the color yellow does more for your marketing than just turning heads. 

From famous brands to cheerful logo design templates that you can use, we have compiled a list of logos that you can check out.

Let your brand say hello with a color yellow logo design!

Is Yellow The Right Color for your Brand?

Is yellow the right color for your brand? Let’s find out!

In business and branding, color is vital in whether customers engage and inquire about your brand or walk past your product on the shelves. According to color psychology, every color is associated with your potential customers’ emotions when looking at your brand image.

Yellow has several meanings – it can depict happiness, cheerfulness, friendliness, and energy. Many famous brands also use this color effectively! But when should your brand use this brilliant color? 

A yellow logo is best for businesses that want to score a quick sale, which means your products and services should be pocket-friendly, and customers can’t resist buying more than one purchase. 

Yellow should be the perfect logo color if your brand is in one of these industries:

Construction business: 

Have you noticed that most of the road signs are in color yellow? This is because yellow is an attention-grabbing natural color and easily stands out on a busy road. Take the famous construction logo, for example, CAT. People would easily recognize the construction company’s black and yellow logo.

Food business: 

McDonald’s is a food logo that often first comes to mind when you hear about the color yellow. Yellow comes next to red regarding business colors in the food industry, and it’s not hard to see why! It is refreshing, invigorating, and sunny enough to make you hungry!

Tech business:

Technology is a part of everyone’s lives, from entertainment to work productivity. If you’re in the tech industry and looking to launch your tech logo, yellow can help connect your brand with your audience smoothly with its cheerful and happy appearance.

A blue or green logo might be ideal if your brand sells expensive yet long-lasting products to build a close long-term relationship with your customers. But if you are all about affordable products, speedy processes, and fun brands, go for yellow!

Yellow Logos To Make Your Business Shine Bright 

The color yellow alone can already capture your customers’ attention; what more if you pair it with other design elements? 

Create a yellow company logo with our collected templates! We’ve divided them into four major categories to give you an idea of what your logos could look like: Check them out below:

Famous Yellow Logos

Whether using color as the primary color or just a highlight in their logo, these brands have successfully used yellow in their branding. Learn a thing or two about incorporating yellow into your brand from the famous brands with yellow logos:











National Geographic






Rockstar Games





Yellow Shape Logos

Like colors, the different shapes can create an emotional and psychological connection between your brand and customers. 

Knowing the psychology of shapes is essential to understand what each shape says about your brand and how you can incorporate them into your design. 

Find the best yellow circle logo and other shape logos from the templates below:

Banana! by Nour Oumousse

1544 – Burger Boy by Gustavo Zambelli

Letter W + Arrows Logo Design (SOLD) by Mihai Dolganiuc

Sunshine by Nick Budrewicz

Stikprint by Jiri Adamek

☀️ Sunča by Matt Vancoillie

Swedish Apps by Type08 (Alen Pavlovic)

Rally by Hristijan Eftimov ✏ Logo Design

Voice-over Logo: V + O + Audio by Nick Budrewicz

Drink Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Yellow Logo Design by Ashani Bhattacharya

Colorful, Food Store Food Store Logo Design by Channel Studio

Playful, Great Logo Design by Neil

Bold, Unique Logo Design by Gethuk_Studio

Elegant, Yellow spiritual, crystal, wellness, healing Logo Design by Birdcage

Playful, Animated Logo Design by sez_inn

Serious, Yellow Accounting Logo Design by amritape

Modern, Black Fitness Logo Design by sushsharma99

Personable, Beautiful Church Logo Design by Buck Thylacine

Yellow Abstract Property by ions

Modern Yellow Trident by shen02

Yellow Thunder Energy Drink by FishDesigns61025

Yellow Suspension Bridge by yulianrhmn

Yellow Pyramid Outline by brandcrowd

Yellow Hexagon Surveillance by ions

Yellow Shutter Lettermark by shad

Yellow Gold Fish by podvoodoo13

Yellow Wordmark Logos

Pair yellow and a wordmark logo and enjoy your business logo’s fun and approachable look! Review the five font types to see which one suits your business best. 

Sans-serif is a popular choice among start-ups, and if paired with yellow, your wordmark logo would appear more youthful and approachable.

Browse through the yellow wordmark design templates below:

Lollipop by Sandro Jalabadze

Number 33 Logo Design by Mihai Dolganiuc

Me logo by Jahid Hasan

Yellow Cube | Logo design by Dmitry Tikhonchuk

Alter Eco – Logo by Cory Uehara

Zola by Tamara Radke, Logo Designer

Scotch by Max Sokolov

GO! by MisterShot

Creativity Inspires The Youth by Graphic Designers SA

Good Realty – Logo Grid by Pedro Eira

Yellow Logo Design by yudaharv

Playful, Yellow Electric Company Logo Design by Ronelogo

Modern, Black Racing Logo Design by B74Design

Bold, Personal Artists Logo Design by Neil

Yellow Logo Design by design.picnic

Playful, Yellow Trading cards Logo Design by -SD Design-

Colorful, Yellow Cannabis Logo Design by Adi Graphics

Yellow Logo Design by Senseless

Elegant, Yellow Logo Design by Cah RE 2

Bold, Yellow Drink Shop Logo Design by Artistic Quest

Economical, Yellow Clothing Logo Design by Atvento Graphics

Yellow Deluxe Wordmark by vixiiiart

Yellow Bold Business by brandcrowd

Yellow Classic Business by vixiiiart

Swedish Blue & Yellow by brandcrowd

Yellow Construction Logos

From traffic lights to road signs, road logos are often in yellow to capture people’s attention. Using yellow for your construction logo helps people see your construction equipment and steer clear of those heavy and dangerous machines. 

Design your yellow construction logo by checking out the customizable construction templates below:

Meyer Reno by Allie Hornseth

Tower Logo by Lucian Radu

Townsend Construction logo by Milos Bojkovic

HouseFrame – Brand Identity by Ruben Daems

W Tools – letter mark concept by Helvetiphant™

Sikes Co. by Ethan Manning

TITAN construction – White picket fence + Helmet by Peter Giuffria

Modern, Company Construction Company Logo Design by CreativeFlows 2

Modern, Company Construction Company Logo Design by Mustaghfirin

Bold, Black Construction Logo Design by MBARO

Bold, Black Construction Logo Design by rafaeldsgn

Serious, Simple Roofing Logo Design by trufya

Elegant, Company Logo Design by rasagama

Serious, Creative Construction Company Logo Design by NenadM

Elegant, Simple Logo Design by kaiser87

Serious, Company Logo Design by step forward 2

House Builder Construction by RainDraft

House Property Construction by novita007

Real Estate Construction by Lei

Home Construction Tools by MDS

Construction Excavator Equipment by Joemar

Construction Roof Repair by CreativePixels

Shovel Construction Tool by CreativePixels

Yellow Construction Property by Alexxx

Create Your Yellow Logo Today!

As the color of the sun, yellow inspires joy, energy, and optimism! With its vibrant and happy look, it’s no wonder why many famous brands use yellow in their branding. We hope you enjoy looking at the templates above and feel free to customize one to fit your brand needs.

However, if you prefer to start from scratch and put your ideas into reality, our logo maker is here to help you! Visit our website to get started, and while you’re there, you can begin designing your marketing materials with our other templates for flyers, Twitter headers, Instagram stories, and many more!

Spread good vibes and positivity with your yellow logo today!

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