67 Magenta Logo Ideas

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Start the year right. Use magenta in your logo design. Join us as we dive into the multitude of possibilities when you use a magenta logo design today.

Do You Know Pantone’s 2023 Color?

Heya, business or designer, are you all caught up on the color of the year? If not, you can check out our Pantone Highlight for this year!

If you have no time, that’s fine too. The color of 2023 is Viva Magenta.

It’s the product of mixing red and blue. The former is a warm color, while the latter is an excellent color. Why do you need to know that?

Pantone’s choice of color always reflects society’s culture for that year. And for 2023, we’re in an era that allows us to live both in the digital (Metaverse) and physical world.

It’s a color that culminates the two worlds. Isn’t it exciting?

And for the last bit of this Viva Magenta brief, the hex code is #BE3455 to help you use the color for any brand identity elements. 

Magenta Logos For You

You got to know Magenta as the color of 2023. From font styles to icons, magenta is excellent to add to your brand’s color palette.

Now, let’s check out the logo design ideas with this excellent color. We chose three designs you might like for your business.

Abstract Logos

Spice up your logo game with an abstract logo. It could be various symbols or a calculated mess of geometric shapes like circles and triangles.

The abstract design allows you to communicate with your market. An example of this could be the various Google logo renditions for their other services.

From Google Drive to Google Meet, shapes make up the logo in the brand’s color scheme and the form of their function.

Find the perfect magenta abstract logo design for you below.

3D Magenta Startup Business by BryAd

coLearn Logo by Kodie Beckley

Diamond Heart by Dalius Stuok

Different Logo Design by Christopher.Min

Different Logo Design by Logoziner

Elegant, Magenta Quality Custom Home Design by vanroz

Elegant, Pink Fashion Logo Design by sushsharma99

Feminine, Nursing Home Nursing Home Logo Design by V5 Makers

Feminine, Pink Nursing Home Logo Design by VT Graphics

Logo AI Sense by 🦄 Dragos

Love Box by Ionuţ Comănici

Logo Design by aramisdream

Logo Design by jhunzkie24

Magenta Butterfly Queen by Tuts

Magenta Floral Pattern by MDS

Magenta Heart Parenthood by marcololstudio

Magenta Infinity Loop by BrandonDC

Magenta Sexy Bra by BryAd

Motherhood Childcare Heart by BryAd

New logo for PLUS8 studio by Andrei Alikimovich

Out 2 Learn Pattern by Chris Jones

Mascot Logos

Have an animal or human represent your business. Use a mascot logo idea for your business.

Connecting with your market is easier when you have someone or something familiar to offer. Some fast food chains like Wendy’s and Mcdonald’s have humans representing them, strengthening their marketing.

Other times, famous universities have mascots to promote university spirit, especially during games. Some examples are Shasta Cougar from the University of Houston and Mike the Tiger from Louisiana State University.

Check out our top picks for magenta mascot logos below.

Baseball Logo Design by N83touchthesky

Blue Fish Mascot by arishu

Bold, Dog Logo Design by prodesigns99

Boy in da Hood by Michu Wenk

Crazy Nurse Mascot by town

Cute Logo Design by graphicclassic

Flight by Caelum ✨

Eldritch Hounds by Dlanid

Elegant, Elephant It Company Logo Design by Channel Studio

Elegant, Jersey Sport, basketball Logo Design by Gabriel T. Marques

Elegant, Pink Logo Design by delegacydesign

Elegant, Pink Sport, basketball Logo Design by Dream Logo Design

Gaming Hacker Mascot by town

Hermes Dribbble Invite by Primata Designs

Ice Cream Mascot by town

Logo – Digital Run by 🦄 Dragos

Mascot Logo Design by Shemet

MOJO by Hassan

Pink Dragon Mascot by Tristan

Purple Owl Mascot by LogoBrainstorm

Texas Pegasus by Pavlov Visuals

Wild Angry Grizzly Gaming Mascot by town

Wild Boar Mascot by town

Monogram Logos

Are you looking for a shorter version of your business name? Try using a monogram logo design.

Monograms, as the name suggests, are the initials of your brand. You can customize them by choosing serif or sans-serif fonts and adding accents and borders to make them stand out more.

Pick the monogram logo that says more about your business below.

8 Months—Huge, Atlanta by Adam Davis

A is for Aroma by Brian Behm

AP Monogram_4 by Alex Pernigotto

AR Loop Monogram by town

Brand Logo Design by adnan001 2

Business MX Monogram by SimplePixelSL

Classic Monogram HVM by Alexxx

Country Logo Design by lionx

Fancy M & O Monogram by Alexxx

Feminine, Pink Logo Design by Ronie G.

Golden Monogram OIG by yulianrhmn

Gothic Boutique Monogram by novita007

Just K & R with the same parts by Akaki Razmadze

Logo 5G by 🦄 Dragos

Magenta C by Robin Schwarz

Modern, Letter D Marketing Logo Design by Maxo-Biz

Modern, Monogram Logistics Logo Design by al_mansyah

Monogram_final by Alex Pernigotto

Red DP Monogram by wasih

Serious, Healthcare Health and Wellness Logo Design by Ronelogo

Serious, Magenta Health and Wellness Logo Design by CleoC

Upmarket, Purple Music Download Logo Design by ACK Design

Yellow EK Monogram by Mypen

Elevate Your Logo Design with Viva Magenta!

See? There is a multitude of logo designs you can have using 2023’s color of the year. You can add them to your business cards, email signatures, Twitch banners, and more.

Viva success for your business through your excellent logo design!

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