85 Best Cosmetic Logos 2023

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On the top of your head, name all the famous beauty logos you can think of. There’s a lot, right?

Even if you’re not updated with the latest trends in the beauty industry, you can probably name quite a few brands. After all, cosmetic logos and beauty brands are everywhere!

Try our logo maker if you want a cosmetic logo to give your business a brand-new look! For inspiration, look at famous beauty logos and other cosmetic logo designs.

How To Design An Effective Cosmetic Logo

There’s a tight competition in the beauty and cosmetic industry! With the birth of thousands of cosmetic brands, being on top of every customer’s mind can be challenging. 

When consumers browse through your products, the first thing they’ll see is your brand’s logo. Believe it or not, your company logo plays a significant role in determining whether people pick up your product and take it home or pass by it to look at your competition’s product.

So how do you create an effective cosmetic logo?

Let’s face it. Every business wants to succeed, so the secret of famous brands lies in their process and how they present themselves through brand image. Here are three tips we want to share!

  1. Define your brand identity

Before designing your brand from scratch or browsing through our templates, you must understand your brand’s identity. Your logo must communicate with your audience and tell your brand’s story. 

Once you know your brand’s nature, designing your logo is easy!

  1. Narrow your choices

When it comes to cosmetic logos, you’ll never run out of ideas! However, having a wide array of ideas can leave many companies settling for the first thing that comes to mind. 

Think of five or more ideas and take some time to research and brainstorm them one by one to see which one fits your branding best.

  1. Play with other design elements

The cosmetic industry is full of art and creativity! What better way to capture your audience’s attention than a creative logo? After you have chosen an icon as your main subject, don’t be afraid to play with other design elements to make your design captivating.

Explore different color palettes and fonts that complement your overall design best!

85 Cosmetic Logos For A Fresh Look

Pair your catchy business name with a creative cosmetic logo for a stunning combo! If you need ideas, we’re here to help!

Whether you prefer to start from scratch or build up on a template, we’ve got you covered. Check out the customizable templates that we’ve curated for you! We’ve divided them into four major categories below:

Famous Cosmetic Logos

From makeup to hair products, these famous brands know everything about self-care! Can you name all of them based on their logo designs?

Check out the famous logos below:



Bobbi Brown




Fenty Beauty









The Body Shop

Urban Decay

Yves Saint Laurent

Makeup Cosmetic Logos

Whether you want to enhance your appearance or add colors and art to your face, wearing makeup is the best way to feel confident! 

Find the best makeup logo from our customizable templates below:

Lavander logo design by Mersad Comaga

palette | logo design by Marina Zakharova 🇺🇦

Logotype, monogram & marks for Roys by Mustafa Akülker

Stretta Makeup Logo by Izaz Mahammad

The Trash Mask v2 by Kyle Dingman

MOHJA by Yosbrands

Flower Power Cosmetics by Nolan Fleming

Serious, Women Cosmetics Logo Design by shakuna

Modern, Cosmetology Cosmetic Logo Design by Ng V Duc

Professional, Simple Business Logo Design by LOHGOH

Elegant, Bright Logo Design by wonderland

Playful, Hair And Beauty Cosmetics Logo Design by Empathy Design

Elegant, Cosmetics Cosmetics Logo Design by iNess

Cosmetics Logo Design by CIG Designer

Cosmetics Logo Design by designstarla

Upmarket, French cosmetics Logo Design by design.picnic

Beauty Cosmetics Lipstick by AleksandrO

Woman Eyelash Beauty by AleksandrO

Beauty Face Rose by GianC

Mascara Beauty Cosmetics by FishDesigns61025

Beauty Eye Lashes by Joemar

Beauty Lady Headwrap by Riri

Salon Cosmetic Logos

If you’re looking for the best way to encourage others to care for themselves, start with their hair with your salon logo

Design the best salon logo from the templates below:

Hairholics (Hair Salon Logo Concept) by Milon Ahmed

Haven Salon by Josh Warren

M by Roko Kerovec

G HAIRCUT | Hair Stylist Logo by Frederic

BAFBAR by IIsixo_O

rejected concept by Jess Smith

Salon Logo ! by Mizan

Feminine, Hair Hair Salon Logo Design by DubaiArts

Modern, Round Nail Logo Design by Messaoudi Wissem

Modern, Pink Hair And Beauty Logo Design by ecorokerz

Salon Logo Design by Atemolesky

Elegant Beauty Salon Logo Design by GBDESIGN

Beauty Salon Logo Design by k.a.n

Salon Logo Design by CreatorBW

Modern, Hair Hair And Beauty Logo Design by De Zeel

Feminine, Salon Salon Logo Design by Hoopoe

Nail Polish Salon by ernestjdx

Green Woman Hair Salon by marcololstudio

Beautiful Lady Salon by Dessy

Corsage Nail Salon Beauty by J-lao

Natural Hair Salon by Dessy

Beauty Afro Woman by Riri

Spa Cosmetic Logos

There’s no better way to spend your day off than a relaxing massage from a nearby spa. Inspire others to relax with your spa logo!

Design the best spa logo below:

Cabot Cost Logo Exploration, Spa and Resort by Jahid Hasan

cedarwood spa logo by Simon Lürwer

Natural Spa by Abdullah Al Sayeed

Selene Beach Resort&Spa(Moon Goddess) by Burak Bal

Spaa by Muhammad Aslam

Blossom Logo by Insigniada – Branding Agency

Queen Lineart Logo by pobelens

Spa House – logo design by Mehedi Creation

Modern, Kuwait Beauty Salon Logo Design by christianpoetoe

Serious, Business Business Logo Design by Sergio Coelho

Company Logo Design by ecorokerz

Elegant, Business Medical Logo Design by *mary

Red Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Serious, Aesthetics Medical Aesthetics Logo Design by ecorokerz

Elegant, Star Health And Wellness Logo Design by *mary

Feminine, Classic Logo Design by Sayari 3

Conservative, Massage Massage Therapy Logo Design by jason71

Head Massage Spa by marcololstudio

Skincare Spa Girl by ArvinP

Leaf Yoga Spa by marcololstudio

Lotus Spa Massage by Kalenor

Natural Foot Spa by coloratura

Wellness Yoga Spa by AMCstudio

Create Your Cosmetic Logo Now!

A cosmetic logo is a great place to start if you want to brand your beauty business! Whether you run a beauty salon, sell hair products, or a spa company, a stunning cosmetic logo will help you gain customers. 

Create your decorative logo design now with our logo maker! You can browse our thousands of customizable templates from our community of talented freelance designers. Feel free to explore our website for other design templates you may need.

Encourage self-care through your cosmetic logo today!

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