110 Text Logos For Effective Branding

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What’s in a name?

For a brand that uses a text logo design, it’s everything. Also known as wordmark logos, it’s one of the most simple yet appealing designs for your business.

Browse through our collection of logo designs and customize one to represent your brand in just a few minutes!

Why is Text-Based Logo an Ideal Choice For Your Business?

Whether you’re starting a new business or revamping your brand, one of the significant challenges is getting people to notice your business.  For famous brands like Coca-Cola, NASA, CNN, and many more, a text-based logo might be ideal for your business.

Text-based logo design serves as the direct recognition of your brand name when people see the logo. Viewers easily understand simple logos and let’s face it: potential customers are more interested in a clear and understandable business design. 

Text Logos For Unique Brand Statement

Text logos are pretty simple to understand: it contains the name of your company and has the potential to turn interested consumers into loyal customers.

We’ve collated customizable logo designs with beautiful typography that can help your business deliver a unique brand statement. Check out the four major categories below:

Circle Text Logos

The circle is eye-catching and one of the most common logo designs. A circle logo is perfect if you want to display positivity, a feeling of warmth and welcome, and reflect a message of unity. 

The combination of circles and text makes your business recognizable, clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. Find your perfect circle text logo below.

Army Battalion Squad by BryAd

Bistro Bartender Badge by SaifU

Bold, Black Automotive Logo Design by Oct-O-Ray Design

Bold, Food Store Food Store Logo Design by concepts

Company Logo Design by Kimh

Dog Logo Design by Mosa Abo swelem

Elegant, Circle Logo Design by ammar_ed

Elegant Round Design by juana

Fruit Logo Design by ddnsycrowd

Good vibes by Slavko Kahovsky

Infinity Fishing Logo by Dylan Menke

Joy: A or B? by Gustavo Zambelli

Logo Design by Col 3

Modern, Restaurant Restaurant Logo Design by GLDesigns

Ocean Wave Emblem by Dessy

Patience Logo by Ofelia Andronic

Pure CBD Oil Logo by Jayanta Kumar Roy

Rodeo Logo by Ofelia Andronic

Round Candle Light by JimjemR

Round Cursive Wordmark by Dessy

Round Light Bulb Badge by FishDesigns61025

Round Neon Letter by ArvinP

Simple Logo Design by creative_2021

Traditional, Circle Aviation Logo Design by Kreative Fingers

Upmarket, Best Clothing Logo Design by D_Mantra

Upmarket, Circle Logo Design by ThiagoB

Vintage Plumber Handyman Mascot by town

Simple Text Logos

Consumers will only take a fleeting glance at your logo, just around 7 seconds, before making an impression on your business. You need a simple logo design that’s straightforward to catch their attention.

Stand out from the crowd with your simple text logo from the designs below.

Beauty Style Text by brandcrowd

Blooms logo by Farjana bithi

Bold Black & White Text by brandcrowd

Bold, Company Logo Design by GLDesigns

Bold, Company Logo Design by granero888 2

Bold, Typography Logo Design by DigitalArt

Classic Purple Text by brandcrowd

Company Logo Design by Indrawasih

Conservative, Amazing Business Logo Design by SquirrelStudio

Conservative, Elegant Logo Design by AHGDesign

Conservative, Simple Architect Logo Design by inksomnia

Elegant, Company Consulting Logo Design by akrobata

Elegant, Sophisticated Fashion Logo Design by ivan varian

Jibutti by Nikoloz Molodinashvili

logo mark, logo design, brand mark, symbol by Tornike Uchava

Professional, High End Clothing Brand Logo Design by SSPP

Serious, Accounting Accounting Logo Design by Kotak Pensil

Serious, Elegant Apartment Logo Design by JoseDesign

Simple Logo Design by Yassine Voinchet

Simple Minimalist Wordmark by brandcrowd

Studio Logo Design by wiwi design

Traditional, Beautiful Beauty Salon Logo Design by Atec

Traditional, Beautiful Beauty Salon Logo Design by tavi

Tranche™ Brand identity by VASK®️ Studio

TECHNEX – Logo Design by Nazmul Hossan

Technological Wordmark Text Font by El-Patron

Typography Text Logos

Many would agree that paying close attention to the typography of your logo is essential in designing a unique brand identity

When creating a typography logo design, you must consider which font style to use and how legible they look on any medium.

Express your brand through cool fonts from the typography text designs below:

Bold, Great Logo Design by rafaeldsgn

Bold, Great Logo Design by said.tempo

Bold Logo Design by ILLUSTRATOR PRO

Bold, Wordy Equity Logo Design by keis604

Bold, Unique Retail Logo Design by JoseDesign

Cafe Bar Hipster Text by shen02

DOPE by Franziska Volmer

Elegant, Building Logo Design by BNdesigner

Elegant, Fashion Business Logo Design by AHGDesign

Fridaaaays are the best! by Franziska Volmer

Gold Art Deco Text by chole

GOLDEN by David Weber

Gothic Font Text by Dessy

Kaixo! | Branding concept by Jordan Berndt

Modern, Creative Film Production Logo Design by GLDesigns

Modern, Quick Logo Design by sankar999

Modern, Teal Logo Design by meq.mike

Playful, Fitness Fitness Logo Design by mldtrvs

Professional, Negative Space Logo Design by Indrawasih

Professional, Typography Alcoholic Beverages by daniel462medina

Recording Tape Podcast by shen02

Red & White England Font Text Wordmark by brandcrowd

Seafarer Cold Brew by Jeremy Vessey

Serious, Creative Marketing Logo Design by akrobata

Serious, Construction Construction Logo Design by nreimer

Stay Home by Jerzy Zareba

Upmarket, Beer Rental Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Upmarket, Image Fashion Logo Design by Osllath

Modern Text Logos

Current logos take a “less is more” approach to design. Modern logo designs are an amalgamation of years of design that later became trendy.

Pair your chosen typeface with one of the modern graphic design techniques and watch your market grow. Design the best modern text logo with the templates below.

Bold, Company Logo Design by fatiyadesign

Bold, Cool Charity Logo Design by Richard Teran

Bold, Simple Clothing Brand Logo Design by mohammad_ai

Brown Safari Text by chole

Conservative, Simple Architect Logo Design by Desde R.

Cotem™ — Visual identity by VASK®️ Studio

Cut Text Font Wordmark by saifullah

Doodle Style Wordmark by shen02

Exploit Alpha final logo by Fahim Khan | Logo Designer

Inn House Logo Design by designsraw

Name my INC. by Daniel Bodea / Kreatank

Natural Logo Design by G.Krastinkova

Masculine, Apparel Upscale Clothing Logo Design by DesignDUO

Minimal Black & White Line Text by brandcrowd

Modern, Company Logo Design by AHGDesign

Modern, Typography Information Technology Logo Design by logomaniac

Playful, Fresh Logo Design by Roland Hawk

Rectangle Logo Design by bharat0786

Retro Red Typeface by brandcrowd

Serious, Company Business Logo Design by Love Buzz

Serious, Construction Construction Company Logo Design by iNess

Simple Fashion Apparel Wordmark by Dessy

Symmetry_randomword by Andrii Kovalchuk🇺🇦

Traditional, Beautiful Beauty Salon Logo Design by 75-R-P-Z

Traditional, Simple Logo Design by Indrawasih

Upmarket, Diamond Logo Design by NenadM

Upmarket, Simple Logo Design by Locke Lamora

Upmarket, Wedding Event Planning Logo Design by DP

Create Your Text Logo Today

Establishing your brand is essential to your company’s success. Try using a text-based logo. It’s a simple yet immediately recognizable design.

Take your first step and create your text logo today. We’ve got your back if you need other design templates like Youtube banners, Twitter headers, Zoom backgrounds, and more!

Just fill out your business name in our logo maker and start browsing through our text logos and other logo templates!

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