39 Glamorous and Chic Stylist Logo Concepts

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Whether you are a fashion, beauty, or hair stylist, a chic logo design is needed to create a powerful brand identity for your business and allure potential customers to avail of your services. 

Looking for ideas for your stylist logo? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ve curated some fashionable logo ideas that you can use. Scroll down to see more!

What Makes A Great Stylist Logo?

A great logo instantly conveys to your audience what your business is all about and what services you offer. They should know whether you are a fashion or hairstylist with just one glance. 

Your logo should also communicate your business’s overall vibe or persona. It should indicate whether your style is elegant and luxurious, funky and retro, emo and grunge, or a combination of the two. 

Some other elements that make your logo pop are:

  • A beautiful color scheme

Colors play a huge part in how your design will look. One is through color psychology – the idea that colors can have a psychological effect on a person and how they view a color. For example, red is seen as powerful and bold, blue is calming and serene, and pink is feminine and cute. 

Another is through color theory. This is the idea of choosing a color palette based on the color wheel. You can choose opposite colors on the wheel for a complementary palette, such as red and green or yellow and purple. Or you can choose colors that sit beside each other, as they are the most harmonious palette. 

Regardless of your design principle, you’ll need to choose a color scheme that complements each other and provides a nice contrast to make each element stand out.

  • A suitable typography

Font styles can also play a huge role. This is even more crucial if you go for a wordmark logo type

Your audience will perceive you differently depending on what font style you use. For example, flowy calligraphy-style script is seen as luxurious. Luxury brands like Cartier, Ferragamo, and Chopard commonly use it.

Meanwhile, simpler and rounder block fonts are seen as more casual and modern. This is evident in more affordable brands like Uniqlo and Forever 21. 

A rugged and rougher font style in a mismatched layout can work for businesses that leans toward street or alternative style. 

Choose a font style that complements your brand’s identity for best results.

  • A relevant icon or symbol

One way to instantly convey the nature of your business is to use icons. A basic example would be a comb for a hair stylist, a makeup brush for a makeup artist, or a mannequin for a fashion stylist. You get the idea.  

But don’t feel limited by using recognizable patterns. Since you are in a creative industry, feel free to make abstract logos that use abstract symbols or patterns. Some examples are the logos of Viviene Westwood and Versace. 

Stylist Logo Design Examples

As any great stylist does, we scoured the web and curated the top trendy pieces of logo designs for you. We also grouped them into three categories to make browsing easier for you:

Fashion Stylist Logos

If you are a fashion stylist, you’ll love the logos we collected below. These logos incorporate mannequins, fashion models, or chic clothing like gowns, suits, stilettos, or bags.

Browse through our collection here:

Retro Sneaker Shoes

Gentleman Fashion Cigar

Fashionable Woman Wine

Fashion Sneaker Shoes

Menswear Fashion Shirt

Beauty Fashion Woman

Mens Tuxedo Fashion Boutique

Apparel Fashion Styling

Fashion Designer Stylist

Fashion Apparel Clothing

Feminine Fashion Boutique

Dress Fashion Model

Beach Fashion Sunglass

Handsome Man Fashion Tuxedo

Feminine Fashion Dress

Hair and Beauty Stylist Logos

If you focus on hair and face, don’t worry; we also have logos for you! These logos incorporate styling items such as scissors, combs, makeup brushes, cosmetics, and hats or show the latest trendy and fancy hairstyles. 

Wellness Beauty Lady

Organic Woman Beauty

Beauty Nail Manicure

Beauty Hair Woman

Gold Eyelashes Beauty

Lips Beauty Lipstick

Cosmetics Beauty Product

Mascara Beauty Cosmetics

Heart Hair Care

Afro Hair Jewelry Lady

Hair Dermatology Clinic

Floral Hair Dermatologist

Hair Styling Salon

Beauty Hair Salon

Woman Hair Style

Wordmark Logos

Another way to convey the chicness of your business is to use a wordmark logo. What’s great about this logotype is that it’s incredibly versatile – you can go for a fancy calligraphy logo reminiscent of high-fashion brands. Or go for a sans-serif font paired with an abstract icon for a modern look. If you focus on alternative fashion, then a colorful grunge logo that uses retro fonts is perfect for you. 

Femora by BrandByMery

Typography fashion logo idea by Iteraf Mahfuz

Anemone Natural Cosmetics – Logo Design by Andrea Binski

Cosmetic Brand Logo by Mahfuzur Rahaman Sabbir

Elegant, Women Business Logo Design by ACK Design

Elegant, Salon Logo Design by geni

Modern, Personal Hair Logo Design byBehindSymbols

Feminine, Cosmetics Cosmetics Logo Design by Alchemist

Professional, Cosmetics Cosmetics Logo Design by bethippert

Get Your Stylist Logo Today!

Did you enjoy the runway of chic logo designs above? We sure did!

If you’re ready to start designing your logo, head on to our logo maker tool now. Simply choose a design that you like from the available templates, then click to further customize. You can change the color, background, layout, icon, and other elements to further fit your style. Once done, just click to download.

And once you have your logo, don’t forget to add it to your marketing materials to promote your business. Use it when you create a beautiful Instagram Reel, a witty TikTok Video, or on your elegant business card. All of these materials are available as customizable templates on our site as well. Check them out today! 

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