69 Cartoon Logos Inspiration

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To run a successful business, you need to connect with your customers immediately. When you put your brand on the market, your main priority should be getting people to notice your brand.

Take the first step to the ladder of success with your cartoon logo! Cartoon logos give your brand a unique identity that helps people remember your logo and brand easily. 

Look at cartoon templates from famous businesses worldwide for logo design ideas and inspiration below!

What Are Cartoon Logos?

Cartoon logos are a good choice if you’re looking for an effective way to connect with your customers on a personal level! With their playful vibe, cartoon symbols are the perfect combination of humor and creativity to communicate to your audience.

Take Pixar, for example. The simple lamp that appears right before a Pixar movie starts has become popular worldwide. This graphic design works for businesses of all sizes; just make sure you know about the logo sizes to keep them high-quality in all your advertising materials. 

There are endless possibilities when choosing a logo for your business. In addition to eye-catching images such as animal logos or other cute designs, cartoon logos help establish your business as friendly and approachable. 

Compared to simple wordmark logos or formal pictorial marks, cartoon logos help humanize your business. Just looking at your logo gives people the idea that your brand is friendly and fun, making them engage more with your brand.

If you want to use cartoon logos to give your brand a playful vibe to connect with customers deeply, make sure to consider other design elements to pair with your logo design. 

Cartoon Logos To Entertain Customers

When creating your business logo, the sky’s the limit! While there are things to avoid during your design process, it doesn’t entirely mean that you’re doing it wrong. The tips and tricks are there to help you create an effective logo that boosts your brand.

There’s a general assumption stating that just like comic logo ideas, cartoon logos are suitable for targeting a younger audience, but it works well more than that. Using cartoon characters can help your brand stand out and grab the attention of your target audience, regardless of their age.

We’ve compiled cartoon logo templates to help you see the bigger picture. Check them out in four primary categories below:

Famous Cartoon Logos

You may have encountered these famous brands that use cartoon logos at least once. Think you can name all of them?

Get inspired by these successful brands and their cartoon logos. Check them out below:


Looney Tunes

Mr. Clean


Red Lobster



Animal Cartoon Logos

From Evernote to Twitter, animal logos are one of the brand’s favorites! People have this deep connection with animals, which makes animals an excellent choice for your logo!

Pair your animal logo with the right color and font to help you spread your message effectively. 

Browse through the animal cartoon logo templates below:

Cartoon Smoke Dog by chavalenzuela

Cartoon Rabbit Carrot by sicasimada

Cool Cat Logo by UNOM design

Count Sheep by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Cow In A Suit Logo for Sale by UNOM design

Creative Logo Design by Falih A

Cute Cartoon Cow by SimplePixelSL

Elegant, Business Gun Shop Logo Design by B’signs

DedBurd Recording Co. (Dead Bird) by Jetpacks and Rollerskates

Geometric Panda Logo by UNOM design

Happy Giraffe Cartoon by chole

made for ALLO, and you by Simon Oxle

Male Logo Design by PsyPen

Moose Logo Design by ally designs

Ocean Whale Cartoon by marcololstudio

Personable, Yellow Health And Wellness Logo Design by ally designs

Pet Dog Cartoon by marcololstudio

Playful, Chicken Farming Logo Design by Logo no 1

Playful, Cute Retail cheese shop Logo Design by JBalloon Design

Playful, Restaurant Fast Food Restaurant Logo Design by alpino

Playful, White Cannabis Logo Design by Sana Creativos

Sleeping Bears Logo Design by Manu

Man Cartoon Logos

What better way to showcase your brand’s products and services than a cartoon person? Like the famous brand Mr. Clean, you too can create your man cartoon and capture your customer’s attention!

Find the best design from the customizable templates below:

4144 – Cool Boy by Gustavo Zambelli

Call Guru by Alfrey Davilla | vaneltia

Cheeky Cartoon Man by novita007

Company Logo Design by Logo no 1

Father Daughter Cartoon by town

Funny Logo Design by Dheepak009

Kid Cartoon Character by Tristan

Little Samurai Character by Manu

Modern, Garage Garage Doors and accessories Logo Design by ally designs

Moon Drops by Simo

Personal Branding by Akuma.Studio

Playful, Dog Food Store Logo Design by TSEdesign

Playful, Nice Social Media Logo Design by thedriftshop

Rapper Cartoon by Tristan

Smart Logo Design by hybryd

Vintage Woman Cartoon by town

Winking Man Cartoon by novita007

workk by Alex Seciu

Yellow Logo Design by Alvia…

Monster Cartoon Logos

Dig out some creepy classics and monster cartoons to give your brand a unique look! From truly spooky to silly characters, a monster cartoon logo can bring a good laugh.

Entertain your audience with a scary or funny monster cartoon logo. Find the best design from the templates below:

Bigfoot Games by Carlos Puentes | cpuentesdesign

Bold, Company Craft Brewery Logo Design by alpino

Bold, Black Logo Design by StudioD™

Bold, Unique Logo Design by adigoofy 2

Cartoon Demon Mascot by town

Cartoon Halloween Pumpkin Mascot by SimplePixelSL

Company Logo Design by cahayafatimah

Cupcake Bakery Cartoon Mascot by town

Cute Cartoon Dino by SimplePixelSL

Cyborg Pirate Kids Mascot by Manu

Fuzzy Monster Logo by UNOM design

Pin Monster by Manu

Playful, Basketball Logo Design by ally designs

Playful, Cartoon Logo Design by ally designs

Playful, Old Logo Design by Logo no 1

Playful, Plumbing Logo Design by D_Mantra

Playful, Purple Logo Design by Aryodesigns

Rux Toy by Zhenya Artemjev

Scared Dumpling Cartoon by kreatiflogo

Serious, Difficult Logo Design by Samantha Ward Design

Skateboarding Cartoon Mascot by spayro

Design Your Cartoon Logo Today!

Your cartoon logo should be visually appealing and easily recognizable. For successful branding, your overall design should look clean and complements each other well! Remember these simple steps, or use some of the templates above to represent your brand adequately.

There you have it! We hope you got inspired by the templates we’ve collected above to start designing your cartoon logo. If you need more, you can visit our website and use our logo maker to browse more templates for your logo design, flyers, posters, and more!

Bring cartoons to life and entertain your audience with your cartoon logo!

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