A Comprehensive Guide to TikTok Logos

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With a 1 billion user base, TikTok has become one of the used social media platforms online. As a business, you need to consider how you’ll stand out on a platform with such a vast user base.

The best way for you to do that is through your content and logo design. Join us as we dive into how to make a memorable TikTok logo us.

Marketing with TikTok

In 2020, TikTok got its big break and became a worldwide phenomenon with its short videos and challenges that users love. And in 2021, TikTok hit the milestone of having 1 billion users.

But aside from its entertainment value, did you know that successful advertisements on the platform have a 63% of communicating their message right away? That’s incredibly high for a social media platform.

Aside from that, around 167 million TikTok clips are seen in an internet minute. Imagine that multiplying as the day progresses. TikTok then triumphs over Instagram’s 65k photos and Facebook’s 44M views.

These statistics are enticing, but how do you market on TikTok? We summarized five steps you can do to cement your presence on the platform.

  1. Get to know the Algorithm
  2. Research on Your Target Market’s Interests
  3. Research on Competitors Too
  4. Set a Regular Posting Schedule
  5. Peek At Your Analytics from Time to Time

1. Get to Know the Algorithm

TikTok’s algorithm relies on a user’s For You page. How the system works is based on three factors: user interaction, video information, and device and account settings.

Likes, comments, and shares are what comprise user interaction. Pair that with the video information in the caption, hashtags, and songs in the video. You improve your visibility on the For You page.

You also must consider what language preference, device type, and settings will affect your standing on the For You page. The better you hit all three, the higher your chances of reaching a wider audience.

2. Research Your Target Market’s Interests

As the number above states, user interaction helps your visibility. From graphic design to the soundtrack and possible challenge participation, you need to know what captures your audience’s attention.

A way for you to connect to your viewers on a deeper and more personal level is emotional design. You can hook your market with your ads, speech pattern, inviting color palette, and font style is chosen.

An example of research would be to know what type of entertainment Gen z consume and incorporate that into your branding. There are two types.

According to Spotify Advertising’s Culture Next research, music (65%) and videos (45%) are the top forms that Gen Z consumes. And what platform has both incorporated into the content creation process?

The answer is TikTok.

3. Research Competitors Too

Take inspiration from your competitors. Don’t copy them, though, since you could be charged with violating trademark rules and plagiarism.

We don’t want the violation, but we want ideas. Always add your business’s touch to trends and challenges to avoid being deemed a copycat, and sprinkle your content with your business’s personal touch to freshen your content and offer new ones that hook your market.

4. Set a Regular Posting Schedule

Consistency counts in staying relevant on the platform. With people remaining on TikTok for 95 minutes per day, there is that sweet spot where many people see your content immediately.

Per day it’s different by the typical peak times are at 8 am and 7 pm—when people start the work day and get home. Post on those times and watch your views grow.

5. Peek At Your Analytics from Time to Time

Lastly, check out TikTok’s analytics to determine what type of content your viewers like. This method helps you plan your content and create more than your viewers love. You’ll find the peek time to post and how much your reach has grown.

Now that you know how to use TikTok as a marketing tool, let’s focus on how you’ll stand out on the platform aside from your content—logo design.

TikTok Logo Creation Tips and All

Like every social media platform, you need a profile picture to make your account stand out. Below are steps to help your account pop while creating creative content.

Pair your business name or personal page with a logo that establishes a great first impression on your viewers. Check out the tips below and learn how to design the perfect logo on the platform.

Firstly, you need to know the recommended logo size and format on TikTok.

  • Recommended Logo Size: 200px by 200px
  • Recommended File Format: PNG, JPG

Next, we researched ways to ease your logo creation for TikTok, and we have four tips to help you create your logo for the platform.

Niche-Focused Design

Create a logo associating yourself with the niche you serve. Tell people who you are through the services and products you provide.

It could be a cupcake or cookies for your bakery. Or a general mascot logo that represents your tech or food company. Bottomline anything associated with what your products and services are solving.

Content-Focused Design

What type of information are you offering your viewers? Use that as inspiration to create your design. If you’re all about travel, you can have a car or scenery logo that shows where you’re going for your content.

Wow Factor

Second to last, grab your audience’s attention with a baffling logo. It could be the silhouette of you or an abstract logo that shows what type of product or service you’re offering.

Or, if you want to hit the hearts of your viewers while simultaneously connecting with them on a personal level, you can try a cute logo to pull on their heartstrings.

Face Value

Lastly, if you’re a personal content creator or the brand’s mascot, have a human logo as your design. It could be your face’s front or side view to give that dramatic effect.

Then add an attractive color through gradients or a muted color palette to help distinguish you from the saturated user base.

Now that you have various ideas let us help you create a TikTok logo.

Creating A TikTok Logo with BrandCrowd

It’s pretty easy to create a logo design for TikTok since you’ll be customizing templates. We have various tag pages that allow you to find the perfect logo for your brand.

But if you want our logos are fit well with TikTok, go here. You’ll find different templates that jive with your niche, so we’ll help you navigate our logo maker.

  1. Pick Your Template -> Click on the Variation You Want
  2. Edit Text, Layout, Background, Logo, and Shape to Your Desired Outcome -> Ask for Real-Time Feedback from Friends, Family, and Co-Workers
  3. Add Finishing Touches -> Buy or Get the License.

In three easy steps, you create your TikTok logo without hassle.

Design Your TikTok Logo Today!

We hope this comprehensive guide allows you to navigate TikTok and reach the views you deserve through your marketing and logo design.

Don’t forget to add your logo design to other parts of your brand identity as a business for consistency and visibility. From labels to Instagram and Facebook posts, get noticed with your TikTok logo idea today.

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