Logo Current Trends: Playful / Bold Typography Logos

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Bold and playful logos are having a comeback. From the simple and minimalist trend that dominated the tech world like Google and Apple, comes a revival of the 90s and early 2000s. 

Here, more colorful and bigger, and more vibrant designs are shot up and prime. What probably happened is that people got used to the landscape of minimal fonts and icons like Airbnb, Target, and Nike. 

While they’re beautiful and simple, their beauty is getting saturated as more and more businesses try to replicate their branding. Remember, logos are marketing stunts too and they need attention otherwise they wither. One of the ways to get attention is through bold, attention-grabbing, multicolor palette, big, wide typographies.  

Want to replicate this design? Lets understand more about bold logos, what makes them special and trendy, and most especially, how you can use them to your own advantage. 

What Makes Bold Typography Designs Appealing?

If you wonder why bold logo designs are the trend nowadays, it’s because of noise. The online world is easily cluttered and noisy. Bold logo designs can break the saturation and make a statement. 

Here are some not so known benefits to a bold and playful typography logo. 

  1. Fills up the space

Sometimes, small and minimalist font occupy just a tiny bit of space. Because of that, it might seem lacking and blending in the background. 

If you don’t have any other information to put up in your packaging, for instance, bold logos can take up the space and attract more attention. 

The thing with bold logos is that it feels like they are shouting. With the right color combination and font style, bold logos are your own marketing stunt. 

  1. Playful logos are viral worthy

In the age of social media especially on TikTok and Snapchat, where everything has the possibility to become viral, marketing people will create content that follows this path. Anything that challenges the norm often takes the hit spot. 

That’s the same thing with logos. A logo that is too bare, simple, or follows the same formula of logo making, might just be your average performer. But a playful logo, often with the right research to the market, competitors, and a good harmony, can be viral worthy. 

More shares, likes, and other engagements can mean boosted brand awareness, loyalty, and bottom lines. 

  1. Command attention

If you look at a marketing material — virtual or physical — business posters and others,  most logos are hiding in the backdrop at the side or below. But bold wordmarks are perfect for brands whose names are unique. Because of their big size, they command attention first and foremost than other words on the page. 

For instance, if it’s a menu, the name of the restaurant will be read first before the dishes and the price. Same thing with business cards, flyers, and websites

If that’s the case, then the name will be reinforced more and more to the mind of the reader, unknowingly making it more familiar and therefore more likely to be a place to purchase if the need arises. 

How To Design your Own Playful Bold Logo

Designing a playful and bold logo is key to making your brand memorable and distinctive. 

By understanding your brand’s personality and target audience, you can create a logo that stands out and resonates with your audience.

  1. Understand Your Brand

To begin designing a playful and bold logo, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your brand identity, its personality and values. Reflect on the core message you want your logo to convey, identify your target audience, and consider the emotions you wish to evoke.

For a playful and bold logo, focus on traits such as fun, creativity, energy, and approachability. These characteristics will guide your design choices and ensure your logo aligns with your brand identity.

  1. Choose the Right Colors

Color plays a pivotal role in logo design, especially for bold and playful logos. Bright, vibrant colors can create a sense of excitement and energy. 

Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow offer a classic, playful vibe, while pastels provide a softer yet engaging look. 

Utilizing contrasting color combinations can make your logo stand out even more. It’s crucial to choose colors that capture attention and resonate with your brand’s message while appealing to your target audience.

  1. Select an Engaging Font

Typography is another critical aspect of creating a playful and bold logo. Look for fonts that are chunky and rounded to give a friendly and approachable feel. 

Handwritten or script fonts add a personalized and whimsical touch, while unique, custom-made fonts ensure your logo is one-of-a-kind. 

Avoid overly intricate fonts that can be hard to read at smaller sizes. The goal is to balance readability with visual impact.

  1. Incorporate Playful Elements

Integrating playful and essential elements into your logo design can help convey your brand’s fun and creative side. Consider using icons or illustrations that are relevant to your brand, such as a playful mascot. 

Adding unexpected twists to your design, like inverted letters or quirky shapes, can also enhance the playful nature of your logo. 

Experiment with different layout compositions to see what best captures your brand’s personality. These elements should be used sparingly and thoughtfully to enhance your logo without overwhelming it.

  1. Focus on Simplicity

While bold and playful logos are meant to be eye-catching, maintaining simplicity is still crucial. A cluttered design can be distracting and hard to recognize. 

Aim for a clean and straightforward look by limiting the number of elements in your logo and using negative space effectively to create balance and clarity. 

Ensure your logo is versatile and looks good in different sizes and on various platforms. A simple yet bold logo will be more memorable and easier to reproduce across different media.

  1. Test and Refine

Once you have a draft of your logo, it’s important to test it in different contexts to see how it performs. 

Seek feedback from others, maybe as Pinterest or Facebook posts. And test the logo in various sizes, from business cards to billboards. 

Check how the logo appears in black and white to ensure it remains effective without color. Use this feedback to refine your design until it perfectly captures your brand’s playful and bold essence.

Top 5 Examples of Small Brands With Bold and Plaful Typography

  1. Oatly

Standing out on supermarket shelves, Oatly uses a bold and playful logo that features a chunky, hand-drawn typeface.

The letters are uneven and slightly tilted, adding a sense of fun and spontaneity. Enhanced by a limited color palette with high contrast, the logo’s simplicity and playful typography effectively communicate the brand’s innovative and quirky personality.

  1. Pipcorn

With a thick, sans-serif typeface that is both easy to read and visually striking, Pipcorn’s logo is a perfect blend of bold and playful. 

The playful elements are integrated into the design through small, whimsical illustrations of popped kernels interacting with the letters. The bright and inviting color scheme highlights the fun and delicious nature of the product, making the logo memorable and effective.

  1. Tony’s Chocolonely

Committed to fair trade practices, Tony’s Chocolonely boasts a logo that is both bold and playful. The chunky, blocky typeface has a slightly irregular style, giving it a hand-drawn appearance. 

The use of bright, vibrant colors such as red, blue, and yellow makes the packaging pop on the shelf. These playful design elements reflect the brand’s mission to bring joy while promoting ethical practices.

  1. Ugly Drinks

In the competitive beverage market, Ugly Drinks uses a logo that is both bold and playful to capture attention. 

The thick, bubbly typeface resembles a hand-scribbled look, which adds to its playful feel. Bright colors like blue and pink enhance the logo’s vibrant and fun personality. This design choice effectively conveys the brand’s irreverent and trendy identity, appealing to a younger audience.

  1. Who Gives A Crap

Balancing boldness and playfulness perfectly, Who Gives A Crap’s logo features a chunky, sans-serif typeface with a slightly wobbly effect. 

This fun and approachable vibe is further emphasized by bright colors and humorous product descriptions. The logo’s lighthearted approach effectively communicates the brand’s commitment to sustainability while maintaining a playful tone.

Design your own bold and playful wordmark

Designing a playful and bold logo is a dynamic process that involves understanding your brand, choosing the right colors and fonts, incorporating playful elements, focusing on simplicity, and continuously testing and refining your design. 

By following these steps, you can create a logo that not only stands out but also resonates with your audience. Whether you’re launching an ecommerce business or you’re rebranding an existing one, a playful and bold logo can be one of the best tools in your marketing arsenal.