92 Red Logo Ideas

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Close your eyes and try to picture the famous logos worldwide. How many of them are in the color red?

There’s no doubt that you can name plenty of iconic brands with red logos – from Coca-Cola to Netflix. Red is undoubtedly one of the most popular shades to capture people’s attention.

If you’re a fiery business owner looking for hot and eye-catching logos, you’re definitely in the right place! Let’s look at some of the red logos of famous brands and more.

Why Is A Red Logo Good For Your Brand?

Along with the design and style, your logo color can transform your design from a “good logo” to a “wow, impressive logo”! 

The color you choose for your logo is an essential element that sets you apart from the competition and captures your audience’s attention. If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’re wondering whether red is the right choice for your brand logo. 

Red is the perfect logo color if you want your business to deliver emotions such as love, warmth, energy, passion, desire, courage, and excitement. According to color psychology, red is a standard color used in various industries such as restaurants, banks, beverages, airlines, electronics, apparel, auto manufacturers, real estate, and more.

The intensity of red has inspired many brands from different industries to use it in their logo color, along with blue and yellow. You can also utilize the beaming power of red to spread the message of your brand or use it to differentiate yourself from your competitors’ logos.

Red Logos To Ignite Your Business

Red is a powerful choice for companies that aim to stand out and turn heads. But did you know that it’s also a versatile logo color? By tweaking the typography and saturation, your logo can give off a modern, ancient or futuristic vibe!

Pair your hot business name with a fiery logo to attract customers and potential clients! We’ve created four significant categories to give you an idea of what your logo could become. Check them out below and see if there’s something you like:

Famous Red Logos

There’s no denying that the right color palette can indeed make or break a business. Every company aims to accomplish its goal of capturing a customer’s attention, which makes red a natural choice. 

From apparel to food logos, you have probably encountered these famous brands at least once, and with their creative logo, it’s not surprising why they are recognized worldwide. 

Take a look at some of the famous red logos below and get inspired to create your today:















Red Flame Logos

A red flame is often associated with power and attraction but so with destruction and punishment. The elements in your logo can change its meaning; that’s why it’s essential to use the proper style, font, and shades for the flame to shine and represent your brand.

A flame and fire logo often comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. To give you an idea, we’ve curated some red flame logos for you to choose from. Find the best design below:

Bold, Black Business Logo Design by Tammy Moore

Bold, Flame Coal mining Logo Design by NOMLAS

Bold, Orange Fantasy Sports, Gambling Logo Design by HammyHS

Chicken Logo Design by blue eye

Company Logo Design by Artswolf

Company Logo Design by DesignLima

Flaming Spicy Chicken by marcololstudio

Flaming Fork BBQ by eyed

Flaming Pizza Gourmet by yulianrhmn

Flaming Hot Burger by LogoRU

Flaming Hot Pizza by town

Flaming Shopping Bag by ions

Flaming Wine Glass by realdreams

Fire Department Logo Design by ecorokerz

Fire horse icon! by Nour Oumousse

Fire Torch Logo by Imon Ahamed

Firesquid by Milos Djuric

Heat Gradient Flame by Tuts

Hot by Felipe Mandiola

Masculine, Orange Retail Logo Design by StudioD™

Modern, Simple Logo Design by umesh mahale

Phoenix Logo Design by ZeneFashions

Red Burning Flame by Dessy

Red Flame Airline by ions

Rooster Fire Flame Logo by gaga_vastard

Sausage Logo Design by Sujit Banerjee

Serious, Red Trade Logo Design by artess

V Flame by Joshua Krohn

Red Car Logos

Do you know why the color red makes bulls angry? Because it’s the color of aggression. If you want to boast the power and speed of a sports car, then a red car logo is a perfect choice. 

Red car logos represent passion, attention, and a fun and energetic personality. You can never go wrong with red if you want your brand to give off these emotions.

Design the best red car logo from our customizable templates below:

Auto Repair Logo by Zach Arvidson

Challenger’s in the Details by Ian Bakar

Company Logo Design by debdesign

Company Logo Design by T#!s !s N!kunj

Elegant, Good Automotive Logo Design by Oriu

Elegant, Red Automotive Logo Design by djnippa

Funny Contracting Logo Design by Logocraft

Gradient Red Car Emblem by MDS

Modern, Automotive Automotive Logo Design by Logo no 1

Playful, Company It Company Logo Design by Thebranch

Premium Diamond Car Wings by BryAd

Professional Car Dealer by SimplePixelSL

Red Automotive Car by ions

Red Sports Car Race by christophers15

Retro Flame Car by town

Red Muscle Car by JimjemR

Red Routes Driving School Logo Animation. by Muhammad Numan Ahmed

Red Sports Car by AMCstudio

Red Sports Car by Enso2

Red Sports Car by MDS

Serious, Awesome Automotive Logo Design by glenn

Speedster by Bojan Oreskovic

Unique Logo Design by StromDesignHub

vintage car collector by StudioFour

Vintage Pickup Illustration by Grant Burke

Red Lettermark Logos

Pair your creative lettermark design with the color red, and you’ll have a red lettermark logo that captivates your target audience while conveying our brand message. 

Think of the Google logo; why do you think this logo is famous? When it comes to scalability, minimalism, uniqueness, and convenience, it indeed delivers! Lettermarks or word logos are easier to remember and allow your audience to pay 100% attention to your company name. 

Keep it simple and impactful with a red lettermark design. Create your stunning lettermark logo by browsing through the templates below:

3D Letter B by Alexxx

3D Letter E by town

3D Red Letter H by iServiceOfficial

3D Pixel Letter W by pia

3D Professional Letter H by MusiqueDesign

3D Sphere Letter A by FishDesigns61025

A Logo & App icon by Mohammad Arif

Bold, Bold Logo Design by Artipunan

Cracked W by Camilla Farennikova

Elegant, Bold Electrical Logo Design by creative2lab 2

Elegant, Creative Graphic Design Logo Design by Neil

Elegant, Shield Logo Design by bluejet

Feminine, Clever Beauty Aid Logo Design by LaVitaBella67

Gaming 3D Letter S by spayro

Gigtyme Logo Proposal Option 2 by Mihai Dolganiuc

Lettermark Logo Design by south door

M logo x 5 by Kathryn Sutton

Modern, Music Radio Broadcasting Logo Design by MT

Professional, Company Logo Design by Mosa Abo swelem

Professional, Creative Healthcare Logo Design by Omee

Professional, Simple Real Estate Logo Design by Flint Stone

roninsport by Dalibor Pajic

Rythm Logo Design by Jord Riekwel

Simple Logo Design by ecorokerz

Design Your Red Logo Today!

In this competitive world, companies with red logos are everywhere! The color red is the perfect way to capture your target audience’s attention, hearts, and minds and create an emotional connection.

Red can be a versatile color, so make sure you take advantage of its shade correctly. With the help of our logo maker, you can create the best red logo in just a few minutes! 

Also, we offer different templates for your other design needs, such as postcards, gift certificates, invitations, and more. Just browse through our website and explore our thousands of customizable templates.

Create your red logo today and prepare to capture everyone’s attention!

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